Video Review: Dave Matthews Band “Where Are You Going”

The sun rises over the white, sandy beach as Dave plays the guitar. He continues to play in a park. Rashawn plays the trumpet by the bus stop. Inside the bus shelter, Longfellow (Adam Sandler) smiles in a clip from the 2002 film, “Mr. Deeds.” Stefan plays the bass in front the Gold Rush Cafe.

Dave continues to play as he stands on a mountain. A red line runs down the road. On a billboard, Longfellow helps Babe (Winona Ryder) up after she falls. The line travels to a van decorated with license plates while Dave plays at a campsite. Stefan plays his guitar in a restaurant. On a television, Longfellow sings into a banana.

Stefan plays by a row of wigwams. On a second billboard, Babe talks with Longfellow at a restaurant. Carter stands between a clothesline in a backyard. Longfellow sees Babe at Madison Square Garden during a New York Knicks game. Dave watches the same clip through a window display at an electronics store. In a clip, Babe sits with her head in her hands at a bar. People greet Longfellow back in his hometown. Longfellow and Babe kiss. Dave plays in Times Square as a yellow line cuts it in half.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman sits with her legs crossed on the beach and rests her head on Dave’s shoulder. He has learned to not to say a word. She already left once without a word. It was about several months she had called him and asked him if he wanted to go to lunch. Several mutual friends had kept him updated of her whereabouts. However, he felt helpless being away from her.

Something had happened before. His friends had speculated it may have been about her boyfriend at the time. He believed her former boyfriend was a part of it. She lifts up her head and asks him if he wants to go Coney Island. He says they can go. While they ride the roller coaster, she puts her hands up and screams with a grin. He puts his arm around her as they look at their pictures. It was the happiest he’d seen her in awhile.

He dials her number and a voice tells him it’s been disconnected. Grabbing his jacket, he leaves his apartment and heads for the subway. He checks for her name on the list at her apartment building and presses the intercom. She buzzes him inside. He asks her how she is. She says her phone got turned off. Sitting on the couch, she says she doesn’t know what to do. He sits next to her and hopes she asks for help. She tells him she knows she mailed in the payment. He gets up and asks her where she put her checkbook. She says it’s in her file cabinet. He searches through it and flips through it. The bill was stuck in the checkbook but nothing was written for it. It was unlike her. He asks her if there’s money in her account. She says there’s enough. He gets out her checkbook and dials the customer service phone number on his cell. She reads her account number and he listens as she pays it. He tells her he’s going to treat her to some dinner. She gets her purse and says she can pay for it. He tells her it’s fine and that he’ll take care of it. She thanks him and locks her apartment.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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