Video Review: Skid Row “I Remember You”

Dave plays the guitar in a building. Sebastian sits on the amplifier and sings while Rachel, Scotti, Dave and Rob play their instruments around him.

In black-and-white, a thirtysomething homeless man sleeps. He walks to the window of the empty building. Putting his bag over his shoulder, he walks out of the door. He pauses at a dumpster and looks at photograph of his ex-girlfriend. His head down, he walks between sleeping bags and a tent in a park. He sees grave stones lined up against the wall of a building. A group of people stand over a garbage can. He warms his hands. A fortysomething man glares at him while he continues to walk in the city.

He walks up the fire escape and listens to the band perform in the building. A dog barks at him as it stands behind a gate. As he continues to walk, he drops the photographs of his girlfriend one by one. On a rooftop, he builds a fire in a garbage can and looks through is favorite photographs one last time. The pictures melt in the fire.

Rating: 3/5

The band performing in the building had their entire lives ahead of them. The homeless thirtysomething leans against the building and lives for about a couple minutes. He stays and watches until they pack up. One of the young men (one of them called him Sebastian) offered him a meal. He tells him he appreciates it. Sebastian calls his friends over and tells them to add a hamburger to their order. Sebastian sits with him and asks him when he last ate. The thirtysomething responds he eats here and there, mostly whatever he can find. Sebastian hands him a carton and tells him to enjoy it. As they walk away, he opens the carton and takes a giant bite of the hamburger.

The homeless man throws the carton away and glances at a a photograph of his ex-girlfriend. Somewhere, she was living with his son, who had to be about 10, 15 years old now. But it was time to move on from his family. Sebastian reminded him that he had a purpose and mattered. He knocks on the door of a church. His anger with God had caused him to turn away from any assistance. A few years ago, a young woman had seen him on the sidewalk and asked him if he wanted a place to stay. He said yes until they walked to the church. The young woman opened the door and he had cursed at her.

A fortysomething man ushers him into the door and says they’ll find a bed for him. He lies down and finds a magazine to read. Although he had no idea who the celebrities were, he felt connected to the world again. The fortysomething man says he’s going to be turning the lights off in ten minutes. He puts the magazine down and walks to the bathroom. In the clear plastic bag he was given, he takes out the toothbrush and toothpaste. While he brushes his teeth, his gums bleed. Staring at the blood in the sink, he realizes he’s still human.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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