Video Review: Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani “Happy Anywhere”

Blake Shelton puts the bait on his fishing rod. A campfire burns. Gwen Stefani wears a “Happy Birthday” tiara and leans into Shelton at their home. As Shelton drives, she raises a glass of wine. They walk on a trail. In black-and-white, he waves as they fly in a helicopter. Back in color, he waves as he sits on the couch at home.

Candles burn on a table while he sits in a chair. He plays guitar on the trail while she sings with him. She sings with him by the lake. He gazes at her as he continues to play guitar. He laughs as she holds up her phone and dances in the family room. They sit on lounge chairs on the beach and look at the ocean. During a dinner with their relatives, they swing each other’s hands as they stand by the table. He blows out the candles on his birthday cake.

She points at him while they sing together on the couch. He swishes wine in his mouth. They ride horses together. He spends time with her kids at the lake. He kisses her as they sit in their boat. She fans herself as they stand in the field. As the sun sets, they cuddle on the beach.

Rating: 4/5

Gwen Stefani places a hot dog on a stick and cooks it over the campfire. Blake Shelton opens a can of beans and hands her a sweatshirt. She gives her hot dog to him and pulls her sweatshirt over her t-shirt. She says the sweatshirt is so comfy. Shelton grins and gives her back her hot dog. She bites into it and kisses him.

Shelton says to Stefani that he’d like another glass of wine as they sit in their lounge chairs. As she pours a glass for him, she says she wasn’t sure he’d like it. Shelton says they’ll have to by another glass before they go home. She says she usually has to pick up some up whenever she’s in the area.

Stefani nestles her head in her seat as they drive home. Shelton turns down the radio and taps his hands on the steering wheel. It was about time for them to switch. However, she had just fallen asleep. He’ll give her another hour and half. He still could go another two hours, if needed. Two hours later, he taps her on the arm and says it’s turn to drive. She looks at the time and says he should’ve woken her up. He tells her she was completely out and he didn’t want to disturb her. Stefani undoes her seatbelt as he parks. They switch sides. She puts the key in the ignition and tells him to rest in the backseat. He says he can sit up front with her. She says he keeps blinking and should lie down. He lays in the backseat and curls up with a pillow.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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