Video Review: Bruno Mars “It Will Rain”

Bruno Mars closes his eyes as he leans against of the window. Rain streams on the window. He brushes his teeth in the bathroom. His girlfriend (Vanessa Martins) sits next to him and eats an apple. They talk.

He sits on a stool inside a water damaged warehouse. Back in the bathroom, he kisses her on the forehead. He stares at the sink while he stands in the bathroom by himself. They cuddle in a chair. She puts on his hat as she sits in the bathroom with him. While they sit on the floor, he teaches her how to play guitar. He leans against the doorway. They kiss in bed.

A single light shines through the darkened warehouse as he stands and sings. In the window, a clip from the 2011 film, Breaking Dawn, Part 1, Bella (Kristen Stewart) looks at Edward (Robert Pattinson) from across the room. Lit in sunset orange, he sits on the couch. He puts her his hat on the coat rack as she talks with him. Lit in sunset orange, she gets in his face as they argue. He knocks over the table. She sits on the stairs in the apartment hallway, her head in her hands. He walks to the stairs and she rests her head on his shoulder as he sits next to her.

He writes lyrics in his notebook as he plays the guitar on the couch. She leans against the wall and listens to him. She curls up in bed. He carries her around her. In a clip, Edward carries Bella into their home. His girlfriend wakes up and sees Mars isn’t there. She walks into the family room and notices the empty cups. He sleeps on the couch, his guitar in his lap. He continues to lean against the window as it pours outside.

Rating: 3/5

Bruno Mars places a bucket on the rug and watches as the water drips into it. He calls the landlord and explains the issue. The landlord assures him he’ll take a look at it. Mars fires back that he’s been promising it for several days and it’s starting to damage the ceiling. The landlord says he’ll be over tomorrow. Mars tells him he’ll wait and ends the phone call. He knew it was rude. But he didn’t really care. His ex-girlfriend had left him and the leak was just another thing he had to deal with.

He sits at desk at work and types on the keys as he pretends to enter in orders. His production was falling. He hadn’t met quota in two weeks. An e-mail notification slides on the bottom left on the side of the screen. It was an invitation for the company picnic. He declines it. His girlfriend usually accompanied to work events and made them bearable. However, her absence would cause questions and he didn’t have the energy to explain to each person that it was over.

His friend hands him a beer and says it seems like he needs one. Mars accepts it and takes a long drink. His friend says he was able to come to the cottage. Mars says he had to get out of his apartment. His friend asks him how everything has been. Mars puts his hand on his forehead and says he won’t ever be able to make up for his past. It’s going to haunt him everywhere he goes. His friend says the people who know him really well have watched him change into a better person. However, he’s come so far and not to let personal issues get in the way of it. Mars shakes his head and says he doesn’t want to talk anymore and walks upstairs.

Directors: Brad Pinto & Bruno Mars Year: 2011

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