Video Review: Bad English “Price of Love”

In black-and-white, John swings his arm while he performs on stage with Neal, Jonathon, Ricky and Deen. In color, John sits in a pick-up truck as it drives through traffic in the late evening. On stage, Deen plays the drums. John stands on a rooftop at night. The headlights flash on John’s back while he sits in the pick-up truck at night.

Lit in royal blue, Jonathon plays the keyboards on stage. At night, John walks on the sidewalk. In black-and-white,John gestures with his hand. The pick-up truck turns off the expressway during the day as John sings. John stares at the mountain as the pick-up truck drives. John blows a kiss to the audience. In black-and-white, they take a bow. Back in color, John continues to walk in the city at night.

Rating: 3/5

John leaves the florist with some roses. His wife had to remind him about doing the dishes again. He had gotten involved in the baseball game on television and forgotten about it. In the early morning, the clanging of the dishes had woken him up. He cursed under his breath as he sat in bed.

She trims the roses and says she’s really tired. He tells her they’ll go out to eat tonight and apologizes for having her do extra work around the house. She says she understands but wants him to please be mindful. Their son runs up to them and says he wants to chicken nuggets for dinner. He rubs his son’s hair and says he can get it from the restaurant tonight. He scowls and crosses his arms. John tells him that Mommy needs a rest tonight and that he should get wash up before they go.

His wife laughs as she watches for a movie. In the kitchen, he knows it’s her favorite romantic comedy. He prepares their son’s lunch and puts it in the lunchbox. Their son walks down the hallway and asks if she can read him a story. She pauses the movie and holds his hand. John walks up to them and tells her to finish her movie. Their son mommy does all the voices. John says they can make different noises while he reads with him. As he walks with his son, he realizes how much work his wife actually does. While he reads to his son, he suggests that he and mommy switch nights. His son says that he’ll read the soldier books. Mommy says they are too scary for him. John turns the page and says he’ll talk it over with Mommy. His son tells him to make the funny voice again and giggles while John makes an exaggerated sound.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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