Video Review: Paul Woolford, Diplo & Kareen Lomax “Looking For Me”

Three stars flash over a volcano. Paul, Diplo and Kareen land by the volcano. They land on the ground while storm clouds roll in the sky. Electricity crackles along their bodies. A yellow bubble forms around Kareen and she flies to the center of the volcano. Diplo and Paul follow her in their own bubbles.

They clench and unclench their first as electricity continues to flow through them. Rocks rise in the air. Teal grass begins to grow as pink tulips bloom. Their eyes flash white as they look up to the sky. The teal grass reaches the top of the volcano. A triangle outlines the volcano. Aqua elephants, orange giraffes, and lavender sharks spring out of the volcano. The animals bounce onto the land. An aqua deer with lavender antlers watches a violet bird fly.

Rating: 5/5

The aqua deer grazes the teal grass. It hadn’t ventured past the its section. Some of the fawns had crossed around the volcano. Instinct had taught him to be wary of loud noises. Food was plenty and people showed up to take care of them when needed. A quiet giraffe had befriended him and they often protected their section of their land. The people gave them food and encouraged them to walk with them. However, the aqua deer stay put. The quiet giraffe plopped itself on the ground out of loyalty.

The mother elephant bathes her calf in the lake. She held the calf close to her. It was unknown if she would be there in the morning. The people scared her. The senior elephant had shooed the people away but he was accepting food for them. The mother elephant remembered it was like being alone as a calf. People had rescued her and taken care of her. However, these people were new. She couldn’t ever sleep in peace.

The lavender shark swims in its area and waits for the people on the boat.  While he hunted, he was able to swim alongside the fish but was unable to eat them. It was as though they were protected. The people usually fish to him and he was grateful for it. If he was daring, he snapped his jaws at him. However, a force field usually stopped him. It was contrary to what he knew. After a while, he swam by the boat and even let the people pet him.

Director: Double Ninja Year: 2020


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