Video Review: Juice WRLD & The Weeknd “Smile”

Animated butterflies fly by Juice WRLD as he walks in the mountains. While the sun sets, the butterflies feed on the nectar in field of mauve dandelions. A young woman lies on her bed, looking at photographs of Juice WRLD. A painting of Juice WRLD hangs over her bed.

He walks to the mushroom trees and opens a door standing on the mountain. His girlfriend looks up and sees him walking in a snowglobe on her nightstand. She watches as stars fall in the mauve sky behind him in the painting. Angel wings attach to his back while he stands on the mountain.

At night, The Weeknd stumbles out of his car and falls onto the pavement. He gets up and walks to Juice WRLD’s convertible in the road. The Weeknd nods his head as he sits in the convertible and drives off. Back in the young woman’s bedroom, the photographs, laptop and pillows float to a form a heart. The objects drop to the floor. She bends over to touch a bust. Through the window, she sees him. He flaps his wings as she stands on the balcony.

Rating: 5/5

The hurt never goes away. The young woman thought of Juice WRLD every day. He would’ve liked how his favorite show ended. His favorite characters got they wanted and were able to move on to different things. He’d be heartbroken to have missed out his peers albums and be able to to make music with them.

She brings a spaghetti over for his mom. His mom gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her she hasn’t eaten much today. The young woman says it gets harder as the anniversary of his passing approaches. She says she doesn’t know how she’ll get through it. His mom holds her hand as they sit on the couch. She tells the young woman that he’s everywhere. He’s watching them. She says she saw him a couple of nights ago and he was okay. He was the Juice WRLD she remembered. The young woman says it does make her feel better. At least she knows he’s all right.

A silhouette stood outside in her backyard. It looked familiar but she didn’t feel any danger. It was safe. As she walks to the balcony, Juice WRLD spreads his wings. She wanted to jump off the balcony and leap into his arms. She wanted to shout she loved him. But he was gone before she could wave. He was at peace and looking out for his loved ones. She walks back inside her home and gathers the photographs on her bed.

Director: KDC Visions Year: 2020

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