Video Review: LeAnn Rimes “I Need You”

LeAnn Rimes sits on the floor, her hands in her hair while a light flashes in the darkened family room. Potpourri blows off a plate. She sits on the couch, the pillow in her lap. Her arms around the railing of the staircase, she stares at the white light. She walks around the family room.

She leans against the wall in the family room. The white light stays on her stomach as she puts her hands in it. It spreads out, filling the room. Leaves fly into the white painted columns of the home. Wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, she walks around in the backyard.

Rating: 3/5

LeAnn Rimes turns off the light in the family room and lies on the couch. She just wanted to be left alone. School had been miserable all week. Her boyfriend said he didn’t want to speak to her again and that she was too focused. Some of her friends had told her she had lost her way once she started dating him and it was too late. She folds her hands in prayer and asks God to help her.

It had been a while since she talked to God. The last time she spoke to him was when she moved into her dorm room. However, in between parties and going out with boys, it had slipped her mind. She had stopped going to her church group and attending mass. It had been a constant in her life and she figured it wasn’t a big deal to go anymore. She still loved Jesus, though. However, she was meeting new people and rethinking some aspects of her beliefs. A religious class, though, had given her some perspective.

She was still Jesus’ child, despite what her mistakes. He wouldn’t turn her back on her and was happy to hear from her again. She grabs her book bag off the chair and gets her keys. While she drives to school, she sees a church and walks inside. She lifts her hands in prayer as the choir sings a hymn.

Director: Joe Rey Year: 2000

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