Video Review: Mulatto “Bitch From Da Souf”

Mulatto clutches the diamond crusted “Mula” necklace, raising it to her collarbone. Wearing a Shane Justin canary yellow crop top and pants, she bites her finger as she stands by her car in the parking lot. Wearing a silver crop top and matching pants, she dances under the bridge.

She sits on the edge of the driver’s side of her car and whips her teal hair. Back by the building, she walks in her Dolce and Gabbana shoes. As she dances by her car, she points her fingers like a gun and mimes pressing the trigger. She sits on the hood of the car. While dancing under the bridge, she rubs her breasts and shakes her butt. She continues to sit on the hood of her car.

Rating: 4/5

A car honks and then cuts in front of Mulatto while she sits at the traffic light. She curses at the person and looks up at the light. It occurred to her that everyone ignored the light. Her parents waited for the first moment of no traffic and turned. She had done it herself before she had moved for a couple of months.

She pulls up in the driveway. Her mom puts her hand to her mouth as she admires Mulatto’s new car. Mulatto dangles her foot and says she was able to get Dolce and Gabbana straight from the store. Her mom says she’s really proud of her. She says she’s glad to be home.

Mulatto packs some of her sweatshirts and jeans in her suitcase. She puts the dirty laundry in the basket and carries it to the washing machine. She sets the timer and tells her mom she’s going to sit on the porch. On the porch, she watches the kids play jump rope. She waves to them. They wave back. Some people drive by her house in the neighborhood and honk their horns, calling her name. She jerks back in her chair and returns back inside. Her mom remarks that she didn’t stay outside too long. Mulatto responds there were some people who recognized her and she didn’t expect it. She says she’s going to watch television instead. As the show finishes, the timer of the washing machine goes off. Her mom offers to do it for her. It was unscheduled and mundane, something she hadn’t had for awhile. She puts the clothes in the dryer and walks back to the couch.

Director: LVTRKevin Year: 2019

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