Video Review: Steelheart “I’ll Never Let You Go”

Against a cobalt sky, Chris and Frank play their guitars on stage. Michael sits on a stool and sings while he plays guitar while the backdrop of a sunset behind him. Michael kisses a young woman on the beach while a campfire burns on the sand.

In black-and-white, Michael, Chris, Frank, James and John perform in the studio. The young woman touches her neck as she sits in a chair in the corner. Back in color, they walk together on the beach. He sits next to her, reading the magazine with her. She strokes his hair. In color, Michael and the band performs near a mountain. It rotates to the band playing in the studio in black-and-white.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman moves her body off the chair as Michael sings in the studio. She places her magazine on her lap and from the corner in the eye, glances at the first paragraph of the cover story. Michael bends his back as he sings and she reads the first paragraph. They finish the song and she closes the magazine. Michael walks up to her, grinning and asks her what she thinks. She says she thought it was okay. He crosses his arms on the right side of the chair, asking her, “Okay how?” She explains it just kind of drags in the middle. Michael says he’ll bring up to the band.

During a meeting with the band, Michael tells him they have to change the bridge of the song. He explains that it’s not exciting and it bores people. Frank shakes his head and says his girlfriend doesn’t even like rock. Michael says he wrote it for her and she hates it. Chris says they’ll consider it and try something different. Michael says he’ll schedule a vocal session with their coach. He should be hitting that note.

The young woman says people are talking about him in the magazine. She kisses him and tells him she’s with someone famous. Michael says they are far from household names. However, he plans to take her to every award show and appearance. She says it’s going to be so much fun. He says he wouldn’t want to take anyone else. The producer says they are going to do another run-through. He kisses her again and stares at her while he sings in the studio. The young woman taps her foot as she listens. He thinks of her on his arm while they attend the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. In his speech, he’ll talk about their enduring love and how it kept him grounded when the fame became too much.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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