Video Review: Boyz II Men “4 Seasons of Loneliness”

Fresh snows covers a planet. In a spaceship, Michael taps Wanya on his head as he walks by the family room. Wanya lies on the white couch. A piece of silver tinsel blows out of the conditioner. Shawn stands by it, his eyes closed while he breathes the air.

Michael, Wanya, Shawn and Nathan walk to center of the main vent. Cool air flows directly on them as they stand underneath it. They hurtle in space via a shooting star. A young woman, wearing a white sweater and pants, walks on broken sheets of ice. She dodges the icicles. Wanya shields his eyes as he flies through space. Nathan and a second young woman sit on a log in a forest in the spring. A third young woman walks on a white, sandy beach towards the royal blue water. Wanya snaps his fingers as he sits on the beach. A fourth young woman stands by a tree. Leaves and branches swing by Michael as he sings in the forest.

Through Shawn’s eye, the forest appears. Nathan sits on a tree limb by the river. Shawn, wearing goggles and a snowsuit, waves his hands as he stands in the snow. He brushes the snow with his hand and sees the young woman sleeping in the ice. She smiles behind him as he continues to search. He turns around after a snowball hits his back. Wanya scraps the sand with a branch. He and the third young woman cuddle on their blanket. Rain falls on Nathan and the fourth young woman as they stand in the forest. Wanya continues to lie on the white couch.

Rating: 2/5

Shawn leans forward and puts down his goggles. He skis back and forth on the mountain. The young woman stares at the mountain as she rides with him on the lift. He mentions that the mountain really kicked his butt when he was learning to ski. She nods and stares ahead, her eyes darting from left to right. Shawn looks at his hands and turns his head.

In the cabin, he imagines he and the young woman sipping hot chocolate while they sit by the fire. He tells how he how alone he felt until he met her. She leans into him and promises not to leave him. They kiss and fall onto the rug. Instead, he puts his legs up on the couch and watches television. Shawn asks him if he wants to play a video game. Nathan high-fives him after he scores a three-pointer. Shawn gives him a small smile. Nathan pauses the game and asks if he’s okay. Nathan says he tried talking to a young woman and it didn’t go well. He says he used to be so good at it and now it’s not even worth it. Nathan tells him he has to keep trying. Shawn says it’s been a long day and he’s going to sleep.

Nathan continues to play the game but lets the computer score and steal the ball from him. He should follow his own advice. Although he had gone a few dates, he hadn’t let himself fall in love. Wanya had told him to stop being picky. However, he wanted to feel passion and the excitement. There was one particular young woman he believed he let go too quickly. He thinks of her and puts down the controller. Sitting on the couch, he dials on the phone and hangs up. She probably didn’t want to hear him. Nathan turns off the game without saving and walks upstairs to his bedroom.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1997

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