Video Review: Nea “Some Say”

A young man holds a cigarette between his fingers as he waves his tattooed arm as he lies in bed. He moves his arm back and smokes his cigarette. Lit in magenta, a young woman lies in bed and wraps the fabric of her top around her wrist. She takes a picture of herself on her phone. A second young man types on his laptop. He taps his hand on his boyfriend’s back. A second young woman crawls into bed with the first young woman. They kiss. The second young woman strokes the tattoos on the first young man’s arms and kisses him.

The first young man applies blush on his face while the second young man sits on the bed. The third young man puts a necklace around the fourth young man’s neck. The second young woman draws on the young woman’s stomach. The fourth young man walks in the field with his girlfriend. He touches her stomach as she rests his lap. The fourth young man and his girlfriend share pizza as they sit on the floor of his bedroom. The second young man, wearing a red strapless dress, dances around the bedroom while the third young man smiles. The second young man waves his fan.  The fourth young man and his girlfriend kiss in the street.

Rating: 4/5

The second young man twirls in his red, strapless dress. His boyfriend tries on a silver sequined top and shakes his head. The second young man hands him the gold sequined crop top and says for him to try it. His boyfriend comments that he really likes it. The second young man offers his hand and tells him to dance. His boyfriend says he has to study. The second young man turns on music and dances around the bed. His boyfriend closes his book and dances in place.

The second young man smokes his cigarette as he sits outside during his break. The young woman invites him over for dinner. She says his boyfriend has really come out his shell. The second young man exhales and says it took a lot of drunken nights. He says his boyfriend is going to be performing at the bar Sunday night. They can hang out before then. She says he has to see it.

The young woman clocks out at the register and waves to the second young man. Her boyfriend watches as the people leave the store, carrying multiple shopping bags. He sees her point to the left as she talks with a fiftysomething man. He grins, knowing he was lucky to have her in his life. She was kind and hardworking. She could’ve said she was off-the-clock but she was still helping. She opens the car door and kisses him. He asks her about her shift. She says one of her friend’s boyfriend is going to be performing for the first time at the bar. Her boyfriend exclaims, “really? He’s so shy.” She responds, “yeah.” and they’ll have dinner with them beforehand. Her boyfriend tells her that he wants to support them. She says she’s going to text her friend now.

Director: Leo Adef Year: 2020

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