Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Love I’m Given”

Ellie Goulding, wearing a beaded dress, looks down. Two young women, between flashes of midnight blue light, wave their arms as they dance in a pool of water. She shadow boxes in a ring. While wearing the beaded dress, she tilts her head back and spreads her arms while the young women embrace one another.

Wearing a gold, puffy Ashi Studio gown, she touches her face as she lies on the floor against the black background. She stands up as the waves ebb and flow in the aquarium. It rotates to sky blue as she continues to sing. A dancers spins in the pool of water. She turns on a platform as  she wears the gold gown.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ellie Goulding encloses a photograph in her friend’s birthday card. She had found it on her computer and thought her friend would like having it. Although it was one of her favorite memory, she hadn’t kept track of every detail of the night. Whenever her friend told the story, her friend tried to involve her. However, she could chime in on where they were.

It was one of the few friendships that had survived within the last decade. She had lost contact with most of them. Back then, every day was a new adventure and she had seen them as a small part of it. She had believed if it were an important friendship, it was meant to be. However, she didn’t realize fate required her effort. Her friend had understood. Their lives had reveled in the craziness of their lives and neither wanted to slow down.

Her friend, like a majority of them, had married their boyfriends and began having their kids. She had seen pictures from their baby showers and convinced herself she was okay being at a distance from it. It was just how her life was. Nothing was ever certain and everything was temporary.

Her friend had stories of her own that she wasn’t a part of. She had become an outsider to someone she had considered her a close friend. As she talked to people, she had to explain the in-jokes she had among the people she knew. None of them really knew her. No one really had. She had left the party, feeling alone and wanted to drift even farther. She had started texting her friend at least once a month over a year. Her friend began texting her every day and invited her to a group chat. The group chat notifications usually killed the battery on her phone. However. she liked reading the messages and telling her husband about them. They were her friends and they knew they could rely on her if they needed her.

Director: Rianne White Year: 2020

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