Video Review: The Boys “Dial My Heart”

Khiry, Hakeem, Tajh and Bilal climb the steps outside an empty theater. Tajh looks at the stage in awe. A police officer stops at the door while they dance in the aisle of the front row seats. Wearing jeans and t-shirts, they perform a dance routine on stage. The police officer sits in the back and watches them. In suits and dress pants, they continue the routine.

Bilal turns on the spotlight. Khiry covers his eyes. The police officer stands by the spotlight as Khiry, Tahj and Hakeem do backflips and dance. Bilal rejoins them. The police officer claps for them as he sits in his seat.

Rating: 3.5/5

The police officer stands up and tells Khiry, Hakeem, Tajh and Bilal that they did a good job. They stand up straight. Khiry responds, “thank you, sir” and says they didn’t mean to cause any problems. The police officer handwaves it and says he’s not going to yell at them. Khiry tells him “thank you” and says they should get home. The police officer waves to them and tells them to be safe.

Tajh says they almost got into so much trouble. Khiry looks over his shoulder as they walk on the sidewalk. Bilal says the police officer isn’t behind them. Khiry says they just need to get home. Bilal points to the toys in the window and says he wants to look. Hakeem tells Bilal they don’t have time. Khiry tells Bilal he behaved really well. Bilal says it what was his mom told him to do. Khiry says they are going to have find somewhere else to play for awhile. Bilal says he’s going to miss the theater. Hakeem tells him they’ll find somewhere else to play.

Khiry drops off Tajh, Hakeem and Bilal. His mom asks him about the playground. He says they went to the old theater instead. His mom sighs and says she told him not to go over there. He says a police officer was there but didn’t say anything. His mom tells him he has to watch everywhere he goes. She asks him how Bilal handled it. Khiry says he was good. His mom says they are coming over to their next time. Khiry says they were just bored with the playground and no one is ever at the theater anyhow. His mom says she understands but he’s responsible for his friends. Khiry says he was so scared when he saw the police officer. He’ll remember it for a long time and promises he won’t ever take them there again.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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