Video Review: Britney Spears “Sometimes”

Wearing a white sundress and sandals, Britney Spears walks past a gazebo in Paradise Cove, California and looks through standing binoculars. She sees a young man (Chad Cole) running along with his dog on the beach.

Spears, in a white crop top and pants, performs a dance routine with several young men and women on the pier. In a sweatshirt and shorts. she sits on the beach and watches him throw a stick to his dog. She sits on the blanket while her friends stand by the car in the parking lot. In a blue tank top and white shorts, she holds onto a pink beach ball as she walks on the pier. He stares at her while he tosses a football.

Wearing a mesh blue t-shirt over her tank top and shorts, she hangs onto the pole of the wooden pier as she stands in the ocean. He carries her in his arms as she laughs. She sits on a pink-striped blanket in the park.

Rating: 5/5

Britney Spears talks with a couple of her friends as they walk on their pier. A young man jogs by them with his dog. He nods at them and Spears blushes. Her friends they think they used to go to school with him. Spears comments that he played on the football team. They say they are going to wait in line at the restaurant. She says she’ll catch up. Glancing over the railing, she looks for the young man. His dog barks and she finds the standing binoculars.

She really wanted to talk to him. However, he was so handsome it intimidated her. He calls out “hello” to her as he walks on the beach. She steps back and says “hello.” It was unexpected and she didn’t know what to do. Back in high school, she had talked to him about their classes. She sometimes saw him at parties. As much as she tried to avoid him, she couldn’t stop herself from seeking him out.

His dog runs to her on the pier and jumps on her, almost knocking her down. He apologizes and puts the leash on his dog. She says it’s okay and that she likes dogs. He asks her if she’d like to go to lunch. She says she was going to meet her friends. He says they’ll join them and asks if she’s still on the basketball team. She replies that she is. He says his little sister is on the varsity basketball team and that he’ll mention it to her. Her friends grin at her when they see her walk in with him. She points to her friends’ table and says they are going to sit near the back. He slides in the booth and pats the seat next to him for her. Spears sits with next to him and grabs the menu while her friends ask him about college.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1999

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