Video Review: Alana Davis “32 Flavors”

Alana Davis sits on the edge of her bed. She walks on the turquoise sidewalk in the city and looks up at an apartment building. She sees second version of herself lift up the curtain. Tripping on the sidewalk, she talks to a third version of herself. The third version of herself stares directly at her. People sit on the sidewalk and talk. Davis gets up and continues to walk.

She plays guitar as she sits on her bed. A police officer parks his car and catches the fourth version of herself. The fourth version talks to her as she sits in the backseat of the police car. Davis talks with a 7-year-old girl. She sits on a chair in her bedroom. At an electronics store, commercials feature a fifth version of herself selling shampoo. Davis laughs. Turning her head, she sees the first version of herself and chases her back to the apartment.

Rating: 2/5

Alana Davis places her pen on her desk and rubs her temples. She had to get the job applications in two days and she had no idea how to answer “tell me about yourself.” Who was she? It had rattled her. She gets her keys and walks outside.

As she walks, she sees herself in various people. She sees the person she wants to be, watching her from the window. The version of herself who could answer each question with confidence and knew who she was. On the sidewalk, she glares at the third version of herself. The third version of herself was cocky and trendy. She knew how to look out for herself. The fourth version of herself tells her not to be careless. Davis knows she’s gotten herself into situations that could have led to at least a misdemeanor charge. But she liked to push the limit sometimes. It was a thrill.

However, she knows she could be a star. She had auditioned for a local commercial and won it. It had been good pay. She could go back to pursuing it again, even if she had to take time off at her job. She sees the second version of herself and tries to find her. The second version of herself knew her best. She still ways to go to before she was able to be that version of herself. She sits back in her apartment and works on answering the question again.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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