Video Review: Drake & Lil Durk “Cry Now Laugh Later”

At 12:00 a.m., Drake and Lil Durk pull into Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. They play basketball in the gym. Drake and a young woman fill their carts at the company store. Lil Durk throws Drake the football on the field. Drake plays baseball on the roof of the second floor.

Wearing suits and caps, they hold a basketball as they pose for photos against a slate background. Lil Durk rides a boat around the water. Lit in lime green, they ride golf carts around the campus. Lil Durk tackles Drake on the football field. Drake, Lil Durk, the young woman and one of their friends laugh while they sit on a bench. Drake shadow boxes at the bottom of the swimming pool and rides the boat in the water. The young woman sits on a float and texts. Drake runs on the treadmill in the gym and cries while he stands against the slate background. His friend asks him, “what are you doing? Wait, are you straight?” Drake wipes his face and responds, “yeah, I’m good.” He explains, “it’s just been a long fight and I have to have a warrior spirit.” His friend shakes his head, telling him, “don’t start that.” Drake says, “I’m good…I’m just regrouping.” His friend asks him, “are you sure? you got a tissue?”

Drake, wearing a white suit, smiles as he holds a basketball while posing against the slate background. The Nike logo appears.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman places her badge by the sensor and opens the door for Drake, Lil Durk and one of her friends. She presses the button on the elevator and says she’ll have to show them her office. Drake picks up the picture frame with all of them on her desk. She says her co-workers all the time as she opens a drawer. Lil Durk says if she has met athletes. The young woman closes the drawer and says athletes come in every day of the week. Sometimes, she doesn’t even notice.

Drake mentions he wants to see some of the new shoes. The young woman says they’ll go to the store. Lil Durk tells him to meet him in the gym afterwards. Drake stares in awe of the shoes and active wear. The young woman looks over the shirts. Drake piles his cart with shoes.

During a photo shoot, Drake tells Lil Durk says he feels motivated being in the headquarters. Lil Durk says he knows he can take on the world. Drake’s lip quivers. Lil Durk says he’s going to change back into his street clothes. Drake carries his duffel bag with him as he leaves the headquarters. The young woman says she’s excited she got her things. Her vacation can start now. Drake says he could camp out on the football field for a vacation. He’d never leave. The young woman says he can come back and visit her. Her bosses would love to meet him. Drake says he wants to work out in the gym again.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2020

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