Video Review: Lee Brice “One of Them Girls”

A thirtysomething woman dances with a young man at the bar. Her 7-year-old daughter smiles as she stands in the driveway of her home. The thirtysomething woman gets into her pick-up truck and drinks from her thermos as she drives. Lee Brice leans against the wall of the bar and sings. She searches through the jukebox for a song to play. At the pool table, she puts chalk on the cue. She laughs with a seventysomething man at the counter.

Back at home, she puts the helmet on her daughter’s head and teaches her to ride a bicycle. Her daughter dances in front of the television while she sits on the couch. She eats spaghetti with her daughter at the dinner table. She dances with her daughter in the kitchen and reads a book with her before bed.

She reads a letter while she sits at the dinner by herself. Her daughter draws on a piece of paper as she lies on the rug in the family room. She works out her arms with the hose at the fire station and leans against her locker during break. Her daughter closes the door for her as she brings in the groceries. Back at the fire station, she runs to the fire truck and puts on her suit. She gives one last look at her daughter as she leaves.

A sixtysomething man crawls out of his overturned car. She and her colleagues rush to help him. While he is on the stretcher, she and her colleague aim the hose at the sixtysomething man’s burning car. The sixtysomething man holds her hand as he is placed in the ambulance. Back at home, she closes the light in her daughter’s room as she sleeps.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething woman visits the sixtysomething man in the hospital. She tells him he looks better. He thanks her for saving her life. The thirtysomething man says they were able to get there in time. She adds that he owes her a dance at the bar. The sixtysomething man coughs and says next weekend. She says she’ll be waiting for him.

Back at home, she kisses Lee Brice on the cheek and tells him the sixtysomething man was sitting up at the hospital. Brice says he had just seen him. The thirtysomething woman laughs as her daughter tries to eat the spaghetti. Her daughter says, “Lee and I helped to make the sauce.” She ruffles her daughter’s hair and says that Lee is turning her into quite the cook.

Brice places the red checker piece in the third slot. The 7-year-old girl slides her black checker in the slot and calls out “Connect 4!” Brice says she played a good game but now it’s time for bed. She runs to the bathroom and says she has to brush her teeth. She comes back into the family and shows him her teeth. He tells her “good job!” and puts her to bed. She asks if Mommy is going to be okay while she works. Brice tells her that her Mommy is brave and she knows how to be safe. Brice texts her. She responds that she’s waiting on a call and that’s she bored. It was a slow day. He lets out a sigh of the relief. Their relationship had began as a friendship. She had been afraid to get involved. She had a daughter to think about and a tough job. However, he told her he wasn’t going anywhere. She had relented and he moved in a year later. He treated her daughter as though she was his own. The thirtysomething woman had rescued the people in their small town in some way. She was his hero.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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