Video Review: Patti LaBelle “If You Asked Me To”

Smoke swirls in the air from an extinguished candle. A bust and vase of flowers sit on the floor. Wearing a black dress, Patti LaBelle closes her eyes as she places her hands on her face. Water covers the church floor. She walks in the church and waves her scarf around. Her scarf on the floor, she kicks off her heels as she dances. The candle burns.

Rating: 3/5

Patti LaBelle excuses herself from a family friend and walks to the bathroom. She locks the door and asks God why she had to take her sibling so soon. Her sibling still had so much to give. She didn’t understand it all. None of it made sense to her. Some relatives said she was “at peace” and “in a better place.” However, none of them really knew it. It was to placate her grief.

She picks at her tuna casserole and places it back in the refrigerator with the other plastic containers. Friends and family had dropped off food for her during the wake. However, she couldn’t eat any of it. She kept thinking she’d do anything to get her sibling back again.

Before Mass, she lights a candle for her sibling. The priest reads her sibling’s name and asks them for to say a prayer. LaBelle bows her head. A family friend tells her to come over if she wants. It was the one-year anniversary of her sibling’s passing and it was as though it was just yesterday. She says one more prayer and walks to the church parking lot.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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