Video Review: Miley Cyrus “Midnight Sky”

Against a black background, Miley Cyrus touches her torn fishnet stockings. Lit in scarlet, she walks to the microphone in a Chanel cut-out bodysuit.

Wearing Saint Laurent halter top and shorts, she swings the microphone as she stands against a mirrored wall in the room. She twists the microphone cord against the black background. Multiple versions of herself sway their arms. Lit in sky blue, three versions of herself sing into the microphone.

Several disco balls hang in the ceiling as she performs next to neon, multi-colored tigers and giraffes in a Gucci dress. Confetti falls onto the floor. Against a lavender background, she continues to sing into the microphone while wearing a Richard Quinn outfit. She covers her breasts as she lies on a pile of candy. Against the lavender background, she takes off her jacket and covers her left breast. She licks the neon pink tiger as the confetti continues to fall.

Rating: 4.5/5

Miley Cyrus pulls out her designer clothes out of the closet. The Saint Laurent halter top and shorts had been surprise find. However, her exes had deemed the clothing “too wild” and she had to admire them from the hangers in the walk-in closet. It had been difficult to do. The Chanel bodysuit had been a gift and her friend they were excited to see her in it.

As she wears the Chanel, she feels back to herself. She was the young woman who celebrated her sexuality and could zero fucks. There were no disapproving eyes to shame her. She walks around naked, wearing only silver heels. as she chooses another outfit. She puts on the Gucci gown and snaps a photo of herself on her phone. It was a gorgeous gown. About 10 years ago, she would’ve put it back on the rack. However, she liked how sleek it was. It was conservative by her standards. The cut in the leg turned it on its head. It was defiant, just like her.

She sticks out her tongue as she stands in the mirror. It was nostalgic. Licking her lips, she thinks of the memories. It had been a crazy time in her life. Even though she had slowed down since then, it gave her time to mature. She had found a balance and was finally okay with herself, perhaps for the first time.

Director: Miley Cyrus Year: 2020

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