Video Review: Nu Flavor “Heaven”

Jacob, Anthony, Rico and Frank perform on a dock during a sunny, clear afternoon. Four young mermaids flap their fins as they swim in the ocean. Jacob stands by the aquarium. A mermaid swims close to the glass. Two mermaids open a shell. A third mermaid sits inside of it. A mermaid sits on the bottom of the ocean floor. A second mermaid rises to the surface.

The mermaids with angel wings ascend onto the dock while Jacob, Anthony, Rico and Frank continue to perform. Jacob throws some powder towards their wings. A mermaid watches as they release doves. The mermaids leap in the air as Jacob, Anthony, Rico and Frank sing on the water.

Rating: 2/5

The mermaid angel lifts herself up and sits on the dock. Jacob asks her name. She turns her head and looks over her shoulder. A second mermaid angel hovers over Anthony and says she’s the only one who can speak. However, each of them can listen to them. She senses there is a need for them. Rico spots the third mermaid angels and says he has his answer. He spotted while they boating one afternoon.

The third mermaid angel walks on the dock and touches her cheek. She looks up at the second mermaid angel. The second mermaid angel hands him Rico some powder. He asks him to use it wisely. It’s her key to humanity. He blows the powder to her. Her wings return to within her body and she says, “finally!” The second mermaid angel tells him they can be together.

The second mermaid angel picks up a flower and says it’s so beautiful. He picks one another and places it behind her ear. She says she wants to get her haircut. The long hair was an asset under the sea. However, on earth, it dragged on the ground. He puts his arm around her and directs her to a salon. The stylist compliments her on her curls and length. The mermaid angel points to a cover of a magazine and she wants it to be a bob. The stylist cuts her hair and says it looks cute. The second mermaid angel turns her chair to him and asks him what he thinks. Rico grins and tells her she’s gorgeous. The second mermaid angel jumps out of the chair. He tips her and pays for her haircut. She says she’s been dreaming of trying a burger. He says he knows of a good place.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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