Video Review: Christina Aguilera “I Turn To You”

Against a translucent background, Christina Aguilera sings into a microphone. A 17-year-old young woman turns the steering wheel as she drives at night. A car rams into her side. She glances out the window as her body rocks back and forth from the impact.

Aguilera walks on the copper road, carrying an umbrella as it pours. Cars travel on both sides of her. At home, the young woman’s mother checks her watch and looks out the window. The young woman puts her hand over her mouth as she asses the damage done to her car. Back at home, her mom answers the phone.

Aguilera, wearing a black dress, sings on rooftop at night. A police officer puts a blanket over the young woman. Her mom shuts her car door and gives her a daughter a hug. Back at home, her mom sets a cup of tea on the table next to her. The young woman turns her head in shame. However, she bursts out laughing after a half hour and describes the accident to her mom. Her mom pulls a strand of hair away from her cheek. She gives her mom a hug. Aguilera continues to sing on the rooftop.

Rating: 4/5

Her mom asks her if she’s all right. The 17-year-old young woman promises that she’ll work off all the damages and that she didn’t mean it. She says she’s so sorry and that if she wants to take away her license, she’ll understand. As her mom puts the key in the ignition, she says they’ll talk about once they get home. The young woman stares at her hands.

The young woman sits at the kitchen table and watches as her mom makes some tea. Her mom places the cup of tea by her and says it’ll help feel warmer. The young woman stares at it. Her mom tells her she knew something was wrong. When she got the call, her heart dropped. However, she’s so grateful she’s not hurt. Every worst case scenario went through her head once she heard ‘accident.’ A few minutes later, the young woman laughs. She explains the other car came out of nowhere. Her mom tells she did the right thing. The young woman says she doesn’t want to drive at night anymore. Her mom says she has to try again.

The young woman picks up her car from the auto repair shop. She puts her hand on the steering wheel and glances at the sky. It was still light outside. She turns right onto the road, her leg trembling. It took only a half hour to get home. She knows she can do it.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2000

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