Video Review: Polo G “Martin & Gina”

Several trophies and a bobblehead sit on top of a storage rack for compact discs. A framed photo of Martin (Polo G) and Gina (Pretty Vee) sits on a stand. The title screen appears for the reboot of the 90s sitcom, “Martin and Gina.”

Martin slides into the family room. His girlfriend, Gina tries to maneuver into the hallway with a golden bed frame  around her neck. He lies on the bed while they have an argument. She tells him goodbye and he jumps up. Their friends, Tommy and Pam visit their home. Tommy hands Pam a glass of champagne. Candles burn on the dinner table as Gina sits at the dinner table. Pam, Gina and Martin read the mail on the couch.

Gina talks on the phone and screams at a mechanical rat. She jumps on the bed and starts hitting it with the phone. Martin holds it in his arms. They talk on the couch. Gina puts a bandage on his cheek. He punches the mechanical rat and measures Gina’s head while its within the bed frame. He takes her hand as walks her to couch as the candles burn on the dinner table. She touches his chest and pulls him down to the floor.

Rating: 5/5

Without Martin, there would no be Gina. Gina kept him in check and wouldn’t let him get away with his self-centered behavior. The show had been a vehicle for Polo G to parlay into a movie career once it was over. However, Pretty Vee was a rising star. She brought her own audience.

Polo G, when approached for the reboot, had asked for Gina to be included in the title. Gina had been taken for granted in the original. Although she was in the same career as Martin, she was the hapless girlfriend who put up his crap. The producers had insisted on Polo G reprising Sheneneh. However, Polo G had refused. Sheneneh’s purpose had been to put Gina down and alienate his character from her.

The original actress had reached out and told Polo G privately that she liked the changes. She apologized for her initial refusal. She was nervous about it being like her previous experience. Polo G says he had read about it online and it shocked him. He says they are being renewed for another season and they can give her a role. The original actress tells him she’d like to be involved with it. He tells her they can set up a meeting. The original actress says she appreciates him being just Martin. They actually feel like loving couple dealing with everyday problems rather than one belittling the other. Polo G grins and says it means a lot.

Director: Reel Goats Year: 2020

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