Video Review: B*Witched “Rollercoaster (US Version)”

Edele, Keavy, Lindsay and Sinead poke their heads out of tents on the beach. They perform a routine. Keavy pulls Edele by the arm as they leave. They admire as two young men create a standing “B” on the sand. Edele gives one of the young men her hat.

They walk into the carnival. Sinead tries on a pair of sunglasses. Keavy puts on a hat. Edele shrugs. A fiftysomething man tells them to go and they run off. They continue their routine on a orange and yellow painted circle. People gather and watch them. Some bubbles float by them. A sixtysomething man peers over a fence. While several umbrellas twirl in the background, Keavy hugs her sister as they dance.

A group of three 6-year-old girls wave at them as they levitate over the circle. Lindsay pulls one of the fortysomething men to dance with her. They run to their motorcycles, put on their helmets and drive off.

Rating: 3/5

Edele chases after Lindsay on the beach. Lindsay bumps into a young woman’s blanket. The young woman side-eyes her as she apologizes. Edele shouts that she won. Sinead sips her lemonade and dances on the sand. Keavy grabs her towel and shakes the water out of the ear. She puts her finger to her lips and pushes Edele into the water. Edele tells her that it’s not over. Lindsay points out a young man and says he’s cute. She says she’s going to talk to him.

Edele tells the young man Lindsay’s phone number and says she’s available tomorrow. Lindsay gasps and shakes her head. She turns to the young man, writes her phone number on his hand and tells him to call her. Sinead grabs her arm and says they need to go to shopping.

Lindsay comments the sunglasses are too much. Edele says she’ll get them for her. Sinead models a hat. The third fiftysomething man informs them she has to pay and stop goofing around. Sinead takes it off and pays him. Lindsay whispers to them he’s such a crank. Edele handwaves it and says he got his money. Sinead says they need to just dance it off. As they dance, people compliment them and join them. Keavy sees her motorcycle and shouts “race you!” Edele, Sinead and Lindsay run to their motorcycles. Edele throws her hands up as Lindsay pops a wheelie. Keavy turns right and they follow her. Edele asks her where they are going. Keavy says they’ll find out.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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