Video Review: Kane Brown, Swa Lee & Khalid “Be Like That”

Kane Brown stands outside in the Cadillac Jack’s parking lot. A few stacked televisions with teal screens scatter the lot. He dances on the counter of the diner and sits in a booth. Swa Lee dances in an empty pool with hot pink trim. Televisions with hot pink screens sit on the edges and corner of the pool. Lee sits on the kitchen table in his home.

Khalid sits on the bed in his hotel room. He dances in the parking lot of the hotel. Brown, Lee and Khalid dance in the parking lot of the diner at night. During the day, they dance by the pool.

Rating: 2/5

Kane Brown turns up the radio in the car. Swa Lee sits next to him in the car and dances in his seat. Khalid sings along it the song as he stretches out in the backseat of the convertible. Brown says it’s good to be out of the house.  Without his girlfriend, he was just sitting home thinking and not doing much. Lee pats him on the shoulder and says he’s doing better already.

Brown parks in the Cadillac Jack’s parking lot. The server smacks her gum and welcomes them inside. As they sit down, she asks them where they are from. Brown says they live in the area. Khalid says they are starting their road trip. She writes down their order and asks them if they headed anywhere in particular. Lee says it depends. They are watching the hotspots and trying to avoid them. Khalid comments the burgers and milkshakes are the best he’s ever had.

In the hotel, Lee unpacks his suitcase and asks Khalid if he can borrow some toothpaste. Khalid tosses him some toothpaste. Brown opens the refrigerator and passes out the drinks. Lee dances on the bed. Khalid belly laughs. Brown hears his phone buzz and checks it. It was his sibling. Brown walks to the bathroom and calls his ex-girlfriend. Despite being with his best friends, he couldn’t stop missing her. He returns and gets another drink. Lee and Khalid ask him how the conversation went. Brown tells them it’s a start. Khalid says she just needed some time away. Lee tells him to keep the communication going. Brown downs his drink and says he wants to go to a bar. Lee checks his phone. Khalid says he found one and calls it. Brown puts down his glass. There was some hope he could be with her again.

Director: Alex Alvga Year: 2020

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