Video Review: Biffy Clyro “Space”

Neil watches as the rain floods the street as he sits in the driver’s seat, Turning his head, he sees his girlfriend sitting on the hood of the car. She examines her hand. Against a black background, he puts his hand on his heart. He gets out of the car and lies beside her. She pushes his head away and he slides off the hood.

She circles him as they stand in front of the car. They point their fingers at each other. He wraps his hand around her and kisses her ear. She breathes hard while he removes his hands from her waist. He leans against the car as she touches the rain. She splashes the water as he walks back to her. He carries her and puts her down. She reaches for him as she sits on the hood. He takes her hand and she lets her fingers go. He falls into an ocean and she follows him. He swims towards her. She goes in the opposite direction and heads for the surface. They reach for one another.

Back in the car, she draws on the window with her finger. They look at one another.

Rating: 2/5

Neil puts his hand on the steering wheel and says he has to stop. It’s pouring out and he can’t see the road. His girlfriend says it’s in the middle of the night and their life might as well be a horror movie. She slams the car door and sits on top of the hood. He doesn’t say anything. He could tell her she could get sick or that they had to wait for the rescuers. However, none of it would matter to her.

He gets out of the car and sits next to her. She shakes her head and says she told she didn’t want to go out tonight and now they are stuck. Neil tells her they’ve been stuck for a long time. The rescuers will know how to help them. She says they aren’t coming and begins to cough. He slips as he opens the door. She had to have her inhaler. He opens her purse and gets the inhaler. She takes it from him after he opens the window and inhales the medicine. He sits beside her. She puts her inhaler in her pocket. He asks her if she’s any better. She nods and tells him she just needs to sit in the car.

As they sit in the car, they stare out the window. Neil comments that he sees a flashlight. She responds that it’s just her phone. A first responder knocks on the window and gestures for him to come with him. Neil points to his girlfriend and says he can wait. She’s not feeling well and has had an asthma attack. The first responder turns towards the passenger side. Neil opens the window. She climbs out the car and the first responder puts a blanket over her. The first responder tells her there’s enough room. He tells him he’ll stay as the water swishes on his hip.

Director: Joe Connor Year: 2020

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