Video Review: Missy Elliott “Pass That Dutch”

Through a vintage beige filter, Missy Elliott sits at a desk and dips her pen ink. She writes on a scroll. Two young women dance by her desk. Aaliyah moves her head in the picture frame. Photos of the late Aaliyah, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Jam Master Jay and Big Punisher hang on the wall. She moves the baby carriage next to her and then rests her head on the desk.

Wearing overalls and a plaid shirt, she works in a farm. People foam at the mouth in the cornfield. A farmer grabs her and drags her through the field. Crows sit on her arms to her as she stands on the pole. A group of young women, wearing black minidresses, dance in the cornfield. The crows drop her back into the field. Wearing a black minidress, she joins the routine with the young women. In a white t-shirt, red trousers and suspenders, she turns her hat as she dances with several young men in the street.

The light from an UFO searches the area for the farmers while the young women dance. Elliott’s friends dance in their seats as she drives the Jeep. The Jeep moves up and down. The tires pop and flatten. A thirtysomething man approaches the car. One of Elliott’s friends bites his arms and tosses his bones out the window. The host of the beauty pageant hands her a bouquet of roses. Elliott, wearing a crown and a silver gown, cries as the Bratz dolls cheer for her. Back in the field, she dances with several people as the UFO shines its light on them.

In black-and-white, an oversized Elliott hangs onto a building while helicopters fly by her.  A twentysomething man watches as he sits against his car and drinks from a paper cup. A young woman (Free) looks up at her. Back at her desk, Elliott continues to sleep.

Rating: 4.5/5

Missy Elliott hangs her crown on the coat rack as she walks into her home. She tells the late Aaliyah that she beat out the pretty models and adds they included her to their parties. Somewhere in heaven, Aaliyah was saying they could learn some new things. Elliott grins and says she always knew.

In the backyard, she sees a bright light shining into her family room. She covers her eyes as she walks into the backyard. The light picks her up into the spaceship. In the ship. she calls out for help and whispers “Aaliyah.” The alien points to the right. Some of the farmers in the field sit against the wall. She sits by the them and asks what their doing there. One of the young women says they are waiting. The alien zaps her and she falls asleep.

She swats at a helicopter and bellows that she’s not a threat. The pilot, on his radio, says to prepare the missiles. She shouts “no” and tumbles to the ground. A group of soldiers run to her. She blows them away with her breath and says it was the aliens. A needle pricks her arm and she closes her eyes.

Elliott wakes up in a laboratory. She breaks free of her restraints and realizes she has shrunk. A scientist gasps and calls for backup. She says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. The scientist stands back, keeps his ear on the telephone. Some people enter the room and tase her. She stumbles on the ground and murmurs the secret word the aliens taught her. The aliens materialize and force the scientists against the wall. Some scientists take notes in the books. An alien frees Elliott. Elliott brushes herself off and asks the alien how things are going in space.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2003

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