Video Review: Katy Perry “Smile”

Katy Perry puts a cherry on top of a pie. She smiles as she picks it from the kitchen table. As she walks down the hallway, she sees a video game system set up in the family room. She presses a key on the laptop and gets the controller.

The  animated “Smile” game loads. It asks her to choose from three female characters: the auburn haired Tiger Tail, holding a scepter, the black haired Snake Charmer, with a lime green snake curled around her, and the blonde haired Sad Clown, juggling two balls. She chooses the Sad Clown and changes into the character’s outfit. In the first level, she juggles and meets the Wolfman standing on a platform. She throws a ball at him and knocks him off. “You Lose.” On her second try, she sits next to the Wolfman and puts his arm around him. It says “win win love!”

Wearing a pink and aqua polka dotted dress, she sings against a sky blue background with clouds in the shape of an lion. She struggles to lift a weight in the second level. However, she attaches to balloons to it and defeats him. Several clowns drive along a rainbow road in the sky and encourage her to jump on. She grins at them while she rides a chicken and leaps over the cliff. She spins on a wheel on stage. Another version of herself breaks the restraints on the wheel. Across the screen, it says “You Win!”

At the start of the third level, she kisses a frog on the platform back at the carnival. The frog turns into a prince and she swoons. She dances with several clowns. Against a lime background, she approaches three boxes. One titled “loneliness” jumps out at her. In the Challenge level, she crawls into a cannon. She flies into a pyramid of people and on a trapeze. Twirling in the air, she reaches the pie. The screen reads, “Super Pie Unlocked.” She blows her fingers as she holds the controller. Sad Clown lands into a web. The Mega Boss Spidora hangs onto the ropes while Sad Clown tries to get the pie. Sad Clown smashes the pie in her face and Spidora laughs. On the screen it says, “You Win” and a little Sad Clown falls into her arms. Sad Clown cradles her. During the final sequence, it says “Let’s Party.” She dances with the all the characters. Back in the family room, she smashes the pie in her face.

Rating: 5/5

Katy Perry checks the timer on the oven. Her boyfriend places her hand on her shoulder and tells her “it smells good in here.” She says she was in a mood to bake a cream pie. He kisses her on the cheek and asks if she has sat down. She says she just got up to look at the pie and adds it should be done soon. He gets out two plates and knives. She bites into a maraschino cherry as she waits. The timer goes off 10 minutes later and she takes it out of the oven. She places two forks her in pocket.

While in the bedroom, she places the pie on the table. Her boyfriend takes a bite with his fork. She cuts two slices with the knife. He asks her if she’s feeling better. She says it was just hormones. He tells her she’s going to be a good mom. She smiles at him and says their daughter is going to have a great daddy, too. He pats the bed and tells her she should take a nap. She gives him her plate and says she could use some water. He says he’ll get her a glass.

She rests her head on the pillow and thinks about he kept encouraging to keep going. He wouldn’t let her quit or think less of herself. The last couple years had been rough. She had lacked any creative energy and lost her boyfriend. Her family told her it’d work out and she’ll get through it. However, she said she wasn’t so sure this time. Everything was screwed up. Her boyfriend didn’t give up on her and continued to talk to her despite their problems. He walks back into the bedroom and hands her the glass. She tells him “thank you.” He says he’ll be in the family room, playing video games if she needs him. Her baby kicks and she tells her baby her daddy won’t ever be too far away.

Director: Mathew Miguel Cullen Year: 2020

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