Video Review: Ready For The World “Love You Down”

Lit in blaze orange, a thirtysomething woman sighs as she stands by the window. She tilts her head back. Melvin sings into the microphone on stage. The thirtysomething woman touches her arms and glances out the window. She rolls the cord within her fingers as she talks on the phone. Gordon and Gerald play their instruments on stage.

The thirtysomething woman gets into bed. She dances by the window and moves the curtain as she looks out of it again. Melvin continues to sing into the microphone.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething spritzes perfume on her neck and knees. She walks into the bathroom and puts on some makeup. Melvin had called her and told her he was able to get out of the house. She preferred that he didn’t have to sneak around. However, his parents thought she was an inappropriate girlfriend for their son. Melvin, though, was an adult and they had to let him make his own choices.

A car pulls into her driveway. She sits on the couch and crosses her legs. Marvin uses his keys and opens the door. She turns her head and says “hello darling.” He joins her on the couch and kisses her. He tells her she smells so good. She says he’s handsome and loves being with him. He says they should go to bed.

Melvin sits at the kitchen table and reads his textbook. She grins as he highlights a section in the textbook. After she spoke to his class, he had stayed after and asked her a dozen questions. He asks her if she wants him to take her to work. She says she doesn’t have to be in until twelve-thirty. He closes his textbook and says he’ll make her breakfast. She says they can go out to breakfast. At the restaurant, people stare at them as they sit down. A fortysomething woman asks her what her son is having. The thirtysomething woman replies that her boyfriend decided to have the special. The fortysomething purses her lips and returns to talking with her friend.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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