Video Review: K-Ci & JoJo “Crazy”

Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) glances at Sara (Julia Stiles) as he talks to his friends in their car. He gets into the car. Sara puts her hands on her head and walks into the theater. As it rains, a police officer arrests one of his friends. Derek sits in the back of a police car. K-Ci and Jojo perform in the street as his other friends get handcuffed.

Sara sits in the seat in the theater and accepts a tissue. Her mascara streaked, she cries. In a clip from the 2001 film, Save the Last Dance, Sara and Derek talk between classes. Derek walks with her in downtown Chicago during their date. K-Ci and JoJo sit behind her in the theater.

In reverse, Derek and his friends fight. In a clip, Sara falls on stage during her audition. She and Derek cuddle on the subway. Derek teaches her how to dance. K-Ci and JoJo sing on stage Derek holds back tears as he sits in his friend’s car. Sara tears up a picture of her with Derek in the lobby. In a clip, Sara and Derek dance at the club.

Sara and Derek stare at one another while his friend drives off. K-Ci and JoJo raise their hands and create a force field. Derek shakes his head and kisses Sara.

Rating: 3.5/5

Derek explains to his friends that Sara needs his support for his audition. She’s been dealing with his odd hours at the hospital. His friend tells him he’s gone soft. Derek says he’s still the same person when they were kids. His friend asks him to prove it and get into the car. Derek opens the car door and takes one last look at Sara.

Sara walks into the lobby and calls Chenille on the payphone. Chenille asks her what’s wrong. She says Derek left with some of his childhood friends. Chenille’s baby cries in the background and she says she’ll be right over. Sara sits in the lobby and fills out her application. She messed up her email on the application. However, she couldn’t think at the moment. Derek broke her heart and she knew he was in trouble. He had immense guilt for succeeding while his childhood friends committed crimes. With Malakai in the jail, she had hoped he realized it was okay to move on.

Derek puts his hands up and kneels down on the ground. The police officer tells him he’s under arrest. Sitting in the backseat, his future flickers in front of his eyes. Being with Sara and starting a family with her, becoming a doctor in the nearby hospital and helping his community – it was all over. He puts his finger in ink as he gets booked. While he sits in the cell, he thinks of his memories with Sara. If he could go back, he’d walk over to her and cheer her on during her audition.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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