Video Review: Madison Beer “Baby”

Wearing a white, strapless minidress and matching, ruffled gloves, Madison Beer walks into a room with a blue sky landscape. She watches the clouds move across the screen and then falls through the floor. In a mesh black crop top and pants, she walks into a classroom full of young women in tank tops. She stands in the center, her hands on her hips. Against a French blue background, her face appears on two screens in a hovering video board.

In a split screen of nine squares, she stands in the legislative room on the left and right. She leans against the cobalt blue wall, wearing a PVC bodysuit and boots. Four women, wearing blazers, look away from her as she stands by the glass.

Several squares, encrusted with crystals spin together. She turns around to view the background. Wearing a black bra and underwear, she leans forward in her chair. Against a black background, a group of young women, also wearing bra and underwear, sit by her. Wearing a moon patterned catsuit, she lies on the floor of a tall, wired wall as the lights flash around her.

In a white bra top, shorts and jacket, she sits in the window as the sun shines into her bedroom. Against a sky blue background, she wears the moon catsuit as she spins on a marble platform. She takes off her jacket in her bedroom and steps into the blue stairs outside her window. The blue square explodes.

Rating: 3/5

Madison Beer faces the group of young women, judging her in the classroom. The one in back, wearing a black tank top, sits with her hands folded, her mouth a straight line. In front, a woman, looks down at her notes. Beer explains she has nothing to be ashamed of and flips them off. The one in the back says she’s sorry to hear it but she needs to take responsibility. Beer shakes her head.

Some of the young women observe her through the glass. A young women, wearing glasses, says she believes that Beer can be reformed. She can stay in their facility and they can teach her what’s appropriate. A second young woman says she’s a hopeless case and will cause trouble.

Back in the classroom, a young woman informs Beer that her presence is required again. Beer stands in the center and listens as the young woman tells her she’s a bitch and has to learn to know her place. She changes into her PVC bodysuit and slams the door as she leaves.

In her home, she looks out the bedroom window and notices a long staircase leading to the heavens. She walks up the stairs. A young woman, wearing a white bra and underwear, invites her have some champagne. She takes a glass and walks with the young woman. The young woman say they like she stands up for herself and they have a spot for her. She sits on the clear desk and asks where she is. The young woman says she’s within the cloud and points to the floor. Beer’s jaw drops as she watches the protests. The young woman says her first responsibility is start the revolution and sends her back to her room.

Director: Drew Kirsch Year: 2020

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