Video Review: Shakira “Objection (Tango)”

Shakira leans against the wall of the bar as her boyfriend dances to the music. He turns to her and she walks to him. As he rubs her arm, she shoves it away and leaves. He grabs her arm and she spins. She places her hand on his chest as he runs his down her leg and pulls it to him. A young woman exhales her cigarette as she watches in the corner. She and her boyfriend continue to dance. He lets go of her and she dances by herself.

Her boyfriend leans against his second girlfriend. Shakira makes a u-turn while she drives at night. She pushes the bouncer as she enters the club. Her boyfriend kisses his second girlfriend’s ear when he spots her. His second girlfriend smokes her cigarette. An animated Shakira leaps over the people and throws the second girlfriend on the ground. She punches her boyfriend and steps on his second girlfriend’s foot as they fight. The second girlfriend screams and Shakira pokes her chest with her finger, deflating her breasts. Her boyfriend climbs over columns as he approaches her. Shakira hits him, causing him to slide into the glass window.

Back in the bar, human Shakira punches her boyfriend. His second girlfriend exhales smoke in her face. Shakira falls onto a glass table and breaks it. Two male superheroes help her up and fight her boyfriend. Shakira pulls the second girlfriend onto a mattress and bangs her head on it. She thanks the superheroes and walks out of the bar.

Shakira sings into a microphone as she performs in stage. Lit in scarlet red, the video camera films her. In her driveway, she stands by a tree while her boyfriend and second girlfriend lie together in the trunk, bound and gagged. She closes the trunk. Back on stage, her boyfriend and second girlfriend spin on large wheels. The wheels turn faster and eventually fall off.

Rating: 3/5

Shakira talks with one of the superheroes at the bar. The superhero says he hopes she left her boyfriend. Shakira say she did something even better. She got even. Both of them ended up in the hospital. The superhero exclaims, “Oh my god!” Shakira explains that they’re fine. They ended up with only a few broken bones. She wanted to make sure they never screwed over either of their partners again.

Her boyfriend sees Shakira and scurries away. The superhero points out that her ex decided to show his face. She remarks that the bruising has gone down and he’s able to walk on both legs again. Her former boyfriend limps over to her and says he wouldn’t ask for another chance. However, he’d like her forgiveness. Shakira shrugs and says she feels okay about it now. He looks down and hobbles over to a seat. A young woman sits next to him and side-eyes him as he chats her up. The young woman walks past her and says she dodged a bullet.

She walks hand-in-hand with the superhero as they walk down the sidewalk. Her former boyfriend’ second girlfriend bumps into them. Shakira comments that it takes a lot of nerve. The second girlfriend apologizes and says she didn’t mean it. She tells Shakira she just got the feeling back in her arms. Shakira replies, “so?” The second girlfriend asks her to please not to get mad. Shakira shrugs and says she can’t promise anything. The second girlfriend lowers her head and walks away. The superhero tells her that it took a lot of gall. Shakira says to not let it ruin their date.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2002

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