Video Review: YoungBoy Never Broke Again “Kacey Talk”

At the Billionaire club, the chips rise from the table. YoungBoy Never Broke Again stands in silhouette by a flame orange window. He squirts a paint gun against a white background, splattered with color. As he sits in a meeting, he flicks the pages of the executives.

Water swirls together over his car as he dances by it at night. He leaves the conference room and walks in the hallway of the office. While he smokes a cigar by the neon Billionaire sign, money floats near his head. His child, Kacey paints on the wall.

He stands by a copier in the office. A slot machine says “4 K T.” His face painted green, he sits by his child. A flash of ligtning occurs in a young woman’s eye in the casino. He leans against the table, grinning at the second young woman standing next to him. He hands Kacey a paintbrush. Green paint flows upward in the corner. He smokes a cigar while he sits at a desk in the office. Kacey paints his cheek and he smiles. He shows his son a paint gun and shoots. On the wall, he writes “4 K T” and gives his son a high-five. Kacey claps and his son dances. He hugs his son.

Rating: 3.5/5

YoungBoy Never Broke Again sips from a tea cup as he plays with Kacey. Kacey tells him that Augie (her stuffed unicorn) was sad because she hasn’t seen him for a couple days. YoungBoy Never Broke Again turns to Augie and tells her that he’s buying a bigger house and Augie can move in, if Augie’s mom agrees. Kacey claps and says she wants to live with all the time.

In the kitchen, he talks to his ex-girlfriend and asks if he can have some extra time with Kacey He was able to get some days off. She says it’s okay. Kacey’s been asking about her half-siblings. YoungBoy Never Again says he may not be able to get everyone together. However, she may see some of her siblings. He says he’s going to go to his car. Kacey’s eyes light up. He returns with some toys. His ex-girlfriend tells him to call her immediately if he has to go to back to work.

Kacey holds Augie as she sits in the car seat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again puts on some children’s songs. She asks to hear some of his music. He finds the clean versions and smiles as Kacey dances in her car seat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again says she’s going to spend almost 5 days with him. Kacey says she wants to watch a movie. YoungBoy Never Broke Again says she can once they get home. Kacey says Augie wants to know how long it’ll be. He responds about 20 minutes. Kacey pouts. He starts to dance again in the car and says it’s daddy’s new song. She throws Augie on the floor. He tells her that was not nice to do to Augie. Her lips tremble and he tells her not to cry.

Director: Rich Porter Year: 2020

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