Video Review: ATC “Around the World (La La La La La)” “

A yellow convertible drives in a tunnel. The doors lift up. Sarah, Tracey, Joey and Livio, wearing red outfits, dance on a platform in a narrow with mint blocked pattern on the wall. Sarah and Tracey watch a toy yellow convertible race on a track. It spins off and Tracey gasps. Joey pushes the car back on the track.

Joey, Tracey, Livio and Sarah sit and watch the car turn on the track. Tracey picks it up and holds it in her hands. Joey and Livio stand by the window and put on their sunglasses. They fold their arms and watch as the doors on the convertible close. Sarah pushes the car and rolls it towards the track. Livio and Joey drive the car on the track.

Sarah and Tracey lean against the columns in the parking structure and get inside it. They sit on the side of the car as it drives on the track. Livio, Tracey, Sarah and Joey sit by the car in the parking structure. They continue to dance on the platform in the mint blocked pattern room.

Rating: 2/5

Joey dares Tracey that she can’t make it past the loop. Tracey puts on her sunglasses and tells him to “watch me.” Tracey puts her foot on the pedal while Sarah shouts “wooo!” Tracey swerves and slows down some as she approaches the loop. Tracey wipes out as the car rolls over. Joey winks at her and says he can master it. Joey moves within the loop and crashes it against the wall. Tracey says he was almost perfect.

Sarah slides underneath the car and says something is going on with the brakes. Tracey points out that an airport is being built by them. Sarah exclaims, “what?” and slides out. She says that it’s Joey working inside. Joey waves to them. Tracey says she didn’t know he was training to be a pilot.

Tracey makes her bed in her castle. Sarah says it’s an upgrade from the apartment they had before. Sarah relaxes on the chair. Joey flips the hamburger on the grill in the backyard. Sarah says she could stay here forever. Tracey says it is the life. Livio says the race track is gone. He doesn’t know what happened to it. Sarah looks out the window and says places come and go so quickly. Tracey says she wonders what ever happened to their other friend with the blonde hair. Livio crosses his arms and says she moved out once she found a new boyfriend. Sarah says she sees them every once in awhile. Tracey, Livio and Joey glare at her. She shrugs and says it just happens out of nowhere.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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