Video Review: BTS “Dynamite”

V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook and Suga sigh and cross their arms while they stand by a pink and yellow sky. V mouths “pow” as he forms a finger gun.

Jungkook drinks milk in his bedroom. He dances between his bed and keyboard. A David Bowie poster hangs on his wall. RM dances in the record store. J-Hope dances as he works at a restaurant. V bites into a donut as leaves Dynamite Burger and Donut. The group waits for him outside. Suga dances in the parking lot of the donut shop. RM dances by the Dynamite ice cream van parked in the street.

Jin dances on a basketball court. An airplane flies over the Disco club as they dance. They continue to dance together on the basketball court and inside the club. Bursts of yellow, red and purple smoke evaporates as they dance on large, white platform on the glass. RM takes his sunglasses out of his pocket and grins.

Rating: 3/5

Jungkook turns up his  favorite David Bowie album in his bedroom and taps his foot as he does his homework. He closes his textbook and performs a routine for an hour. As he catches his breath, he opens his textbook again and stays on the first paragraph. He checks the time and realizes he was supposed to meet everyone at the donut shop.

RM talks with the record store clerk about his favorite album. They discuss the various reissues. RM states the last reissue didn’t have any bonus tracks. The record clerk says there was dispute with the label. RM says he’s heard a rumor it’s going to be released again. The record store clerk thinks there may be a delay. RM hands him about 10 albums and says he’s going to pay for them. The record store clerk says he has taste.

J-Hope takes off his apron and punches out in the break room of the restaurant. He sees V eating a donut by the shop next door. J-Hope says he must be really hungry. V says he’s been waiting for it all day. RM slicks back his hair and says he found some great albums they have listen to later. V asks him if he was able to find some rarities.. J-Hope asks about some of the groups as RM talks about the albums. Jungkook waves to everyone and stands in line with them. He says he couldn’t get any studying done. RM says he’ll come over tomorrow and help.

Suga, Jin and Jimin call out “hello!” Suga sniffs the air and says the donuts smell incredibly good. V says he’s going to get a couple more. Jin says he plans to work it off with a basketball game. Jimin says it’s a rematch from last week. V says they are not beating their undefeated streak. Jungkook pats V on the back and says V is their secret weapon. Jin points his thumbs to himself and says but he is star on his team. V announces that the parking lot is getting full. Jin, Suga and Jimin join them as they wait in line.

Director: Yong Seok Choi  Year: 2020

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