Video Review: Clean Bandit, Mabel & 24KGoldn “Tick Tock”

Hot pink fir trees stand on the water. Mabel opens the shutters of her floating home and looks out the window. Through a window, Mabel smiles as Grace bathes in a bathtub full of popcorn. Neat piles of popcorn sit on various spots on the floor.

Mabel walks down of the steps, past an oversized clock. It becomes night time as she performs a routine with the dancers. Grace, Jack and Luke play their instruments behind her. Within the clock, 24kGoldn sits on a chair while the golden gears turn. Gold jewelry decorates the tables. Grace performs in the next room while fish swim by her. Two young women dance by him as he stands on a floor by the silver gears. Jack mans the turntable as a two toy trains run on a track  in the corner. At night, lit in aqua blue, Grace performs the routine with the dancers on the steps of the house. Mabel closes the shutters.

Rating: 3/5

Mabel climbs into her kayak and heads towards a lily pad in the center of the ocean. A young man helps her out of her kayak and pulls down his hot air balloon. They get into the hot air balloon and fly over the ocean. She picks some fluff from the clouds for good luck. As they land, she waves to her unicorn.

The unicorn gallops through the forest as she rides it. It stops at the ranch. She pets it and leads it to the stable. Grace, in a white gown embellished with jewels, says it was such a long journey to get to the island. She had to move back to some sort of civilization. Mabel asks her if she’s met the single prince. Grace says they attended a parade a month ago. The prince waved her in her direction.

Mabel picks some apples in the forest. A second young man bumps into her and says he’s looking for the hot air balloon. Mabel says she just arrived and she can take him there. He says he has to get away from the private jet and the crowd. Mabel says she’s only been as far as the ranch. He says he can give her a tour of the castle. She says she hears there is a prince. The second young man grins and whispers, “the prince may be here.” Mabel blushes and says her friend, Grace has been talking about him non-stop. He asks her if she’d like to take another hot air balloon ride. She says she doesn’t mind.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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