Video Review: Enrique Iglesias “Hero”

Money flies out of the duffel bag in the backseat of a convertible. Enrique Iglesias turns at a gas station. The young woman (Jennifer Love Hewitt) closes the door as he pumps gas. She gives him a small smile as runs his necklace through his fingers. Holding his liquor bottle, he puts his hands on her lips as she touches his face while they stand in a gutted church. He plays the piano.

As they drive in the desert, she sucks on a lollipop. A fortysomething man (Mickey Rourke) and his associates stand in the parking lot of Roy’s Motel. The fortysomething man exhales as he smokes his cigarette and plays the piano inside the gutted church. Iglesias and the young woman kiss in bed as they stay overnight in a motel. She watches as he burns some money.

At the gutted church, the fortysomething man and his associates stand together while Iglesias and the young woman approach them. The fortysomething man tosses his gun to one his associates. The young woman bangs the fortysomething man’s chest. A second associate grabs her. Iglesias punches the fortysomething man. The fortysomething man knocks him on the ground and hits on the back with a baton.

As it rains, a bloodied Igleasis walks over to the young woman and collapses in her arms. She bursts into tears as he lies on the ground by the two police cars. He grips her hand with the last of his strength.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman clears her throat. The reporter reminds  her they can stop recording the podcast at any time if she feels uncomfortable. The young woman nods. It was time. For almost 20 years, she had kept the story to of her abduction to herself. She wanted to protect her memory of Enrique Iglesias, who sacrificed his life for hers.

As a daughter of a jewelry tycoon, she had been aware of threats to her life. She had blown it off when she was a teenager. The security guards had questioned every person she came into contact with. In her 20s, she had let them go while she was out partying. No one knew who she was and she figured her parents were being paranoid. She had stood outside a club, getting her bearings when someone pulled her into a car. Enrique Iglesias informed her to stay underneath the seat. A duffel bag overflowed with money in the backseat. Through the corner of the eye, she realized she knew him. He was one of the bartenders. She asked him, “why?” He said he needed the money and that he wasn’t going to hurt to her. He told her she could sit up.

She had asked him about himself. He had grown up in a low-income area with just his mother. They had moved around a lot. His mother had used him as part of her scams. However, he wanted to straighten his life out. It was the fortysomething man who wanted to harm her. She moved up to the front seat and held him. He was a gentle soul. She told him once they get out of it, they’ll start a new life together.

The fortysomething man had asked Iglesias if he loved her. Iglesias answered “yes” and that he wouldn’t let him have her. The fortysomething man smirked and beat him with the baton. She broke free of one his associates’ arms and hid in a nearby gas station. She had never run so hard in her life. After sitting in the corner, she asked the clerk to call the police. She tells the reporter she’ll always love Iglesias. Had he lived, she would’ve refused to testify against him. He was trying to do the right thing in his own way. Tears sting her eyes and she asks for a break. The reporter turns off the recording and walks out of the room.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2001

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