Video Review: Conan Gray “Heather”

Conan Gray stretches in his bed. He sits up and stares at the chateau green sky. In the shower, water drips from his chin as he washes his hair. He lets the water fall on his back as he sits in the shower. The silhouette of a young woman walks inside his home.

Shirtless, he hangs his head as he sits on his bed. He pulls up his sweater and pauses on a red-and-black striped one on the hanger in the closet. He picks up a necklace from his jewelry box and places a black-and-white striped sweater across his chest. The young woman, with pale blue painted nails, reaches for his hand. Wearing a white blouse, he dances on his bed. He puts on some socks.

Leaning against the mirror, he combs his hair and places a barrette in it. The young woman touches his face as he stands shirtless in his bedroom. He puts on the sweater and turns on the wooden floor in his bare feet. The young woman strokes his hair as he lies in bed.

Wearing a plaid skirt and a tank top, he takes a picture on his phone and posts it to Instagram.

Rating: 5/5

Conan Gray sits on his porch and reads. A voice calls out “hello!” It was Heather, a classmate of his. He waves back and watches as she crosses the street. She knocks on the door of his crush’s house. His crush opens the door and kisses her. Gray closes his eyes, imagining himself in her place. The kiss seemed to be a little long, as though his crush were trying to make a point.

Heather was a sweet, young woman. She usually talked to him in classes and included him in her group. Although she was popular, she talked to everyone. His crush had talked about her in each class they shared together while he glanced over him from time to time. They locked eyes. His crush brushed past him while he walked to class with his friend. Sometimes, in class, his crush sat next to him and joked with him. It exhilarated every time. However, in the hallway, he saw his crush kiss Heather and he slams his locker shut.

One of his friends remarks his crush and Heather make a good couple. Gray had shook his head and says Heather could do better. He explains Heather could have whomever she wants and she chooses some random guy. His friend smirks and tells him Heather has a certain type. He and his friend sit at the table in the cafeteria as he looks over them.

Directors: Dillon Matthew & Conan Gray Year: 2020

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