Video Review: Samantha Mumba “Lately”

Wearing a red dress, Samantha Mumba walks in her family room. The days tear off a calendar on the wall. She sits by the table, her hands on her chin. A portrait of her ex-boyfriend hangs above the calendar. She looks up at the portrait.

In a magenta crop top and violet skirt, she dances in place on discarded calendar days on the floor. A tear drop from her eyes and spills on her red leather boots. The portrait of the young man changes to a winter landscape. A group of young women, wearing sleeveless black tops and shorts shuffle in place in a hallway while Mumba sings in the center. The group of young women dance in her family room.

Against a black background, she sings into a plum coated circle of light.

Rating: 1.5/5

Samantha Mumba plasters a smile on her face. She can do it. She can be happy, even for just a few hours. Her best friend was coming over after class. They hadn’t hung out in awhile. She hadn’t been up to it after her breakup. Her friend had called her and they talked. However, she maintained she was doing well. She was being strong. Her friend had tried to talk to her about their favorite television shows. Mumba had kept it vague. She had the television on but mainly thought about her ex-boyfriend the entire time. She had no idea what was going on in the shows they watched.

In the family room, she rubs her toe as she trips over a half-empty glue bottle. Crafts and painting had been keeping her busy. Her ex-boyfriend was her muse. She saw him as a conflicted yet sympathetic person. In her paintings, he was unable to look at anything, which to her meant that he wasn’t confident about his choices. The rose border humanized him. He tried. He wanted to be a good person. However, he just wasn’t ready for it. But she’ll wait. She takes down the painting and hides it in her bedroom. There was another one down the hallway. She rushes to get it as the phone rings.

Her best friend greets her and tells her she looks great. Mumba grins like she practiced and asks if she wants some coffee. Her best friend shakes her head and takes out two wine bottles. Mumba walks back to the couch and then doubles back to get some glasses. She leans against the kitchen sink. There was no way she could it up the facade all night. She holds the two glasses and puts on a smile before she walks back into the family room. “Yay!” she says, with a halfhearted dance. Her best friend pours a glass and says it’s just like the days. Mumba forces another smile.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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