Video Review: David Guetta & Usher “Without You”

In Brazil at 6:07 a.m., David Guetta slaps people’s hands as walks through the crowd to the stage. Around 9:07 p.m., in South Africa, people dance, lit in red red, as they watch Guetta walk to his keyboard on stage. Usher folds his hands as he stands in a desert in Brazil. Lit in electric blue, Guetta walks on stage in Thailand at around 4:07 a.m.

A flag waves on the beach in the United States at 2:07 p.m. Guetta puts on his Beats By Dre headphones and starts his set. Back in Thailand, he jumps up and down on stage. A crack forms in a road in the United States. The sand bounces while the people dance. The crack runs through to South Africa. Roads disintegrate in Thailand. The mountains break apart.

In the United States, a young woman sits with her friend on the beach and watches the news on her tablet. The news report the collapse of major cities in other countries. The islands break up and float while other countries float. Thailand, South Africa, Brazil and the United States connect on the globe. The people from Thailand, South Africa and Brazil run on the beach in the United States. Usher joins Guetta on stage in the United States. Guetta forms a heart with his hand. The people respond by forming hearts with their hands.

Rating: 3/5

The world had combined into one. The continents had disappeared overnight. The President of the United States stressed for unity and welcomed the people from the other countries to make a home. The American airlines, though, had gone on strike, demanding relief. They had been forced to fares in half due to people driving their cars back and forth. An immediate shift occurred in population of the United States as thousands of people migrated to Brazil, Thailand and South Africa.

However, the pundits on the television were cancelled. Their rhetoric was stirring unrest. The leaders of the four countries opted to divide their duties and form a consortium. Some Congressional leaders resigned in the United States and vowed to subvert the new agenda. Usher watches as Thai restaurants spring up in his neighborhood. Street vendors from South Africa set up their shops along the sidewalk. He walks to his class and studies Brazilian. As required by the four leaders, people had to attend classes regarding culture and language. He was currently learning Brazilian.

Reading from his textbook, he talks to a young Brazilian man at the bar. The Brazilian tells him in broken English that he is picking up the language well. Usher asks him if he’s adjusting well to what was the United States. The Brazilian says he’s always wanted to live in the United States. He says it’s like how he saw it in the movies. Usher says it is the most diverse it has ever been. The Brazilian young man tells him to protest. It seems calm now. However, the bad faith actors will divide people and they have to be prepared to fight. Usher assures the leaders have it under control. The Brazilian man tells him not to take his comfort for granted and leaves his chair. He says he has to meet his daughter. Usher cups his drink and asks the bartender for another.

Director: N/A Year: 2011

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