Video Review: Little Mix “Holiday”

Jesy stands by a glass tube of water, which leads to a mini pool in her home. The tube loops around and out of the room, reaching to the top of the trees. Leigh-Anne sits on a lounge chair and plays on other side of the room. The window extends the view of the backyard, which is scattered with palm trees.

Three different versions of Jade dance by a column. She dances by cherry red chairs. A pale pink planet sits in the corner of the yard. Several aqua planets hang by an outdoor staircase. Saturn rises outside the window as Perrie dances. As mermaids, they sit on rocks in the ocean and flap their fins.

Jade, wearing a golden, beaded headpiece lies on the sand in the desert. She rests her head by a miniature tree. Jesy, Perrie and Leigh-Anne each take turns sitting on the sand in the desert. They dance in another section of the home. Jade stands by a staircase on the left. Leigh-Anne sits on a lounge chair. Jesy stands by a platform with a column attached to it. Perrie stands by a second staircase on the right. They take turns dancing in a narrow hallway. A dolphin flies over them as they sit on a seashell on the ocean. They stands in the narrow hallway.

Rating: 5/5

Jade dives back into the ocean, her feet becoming fins again. She swims to her rock and watches the fish around her. The fresh air had made her tired. She had explored the downtown area and tried ice cream for the first time. For a few days, she had stayed in her home. Although she looked forward to her trips on the surface, she wasn’t quite ready to let go of it yet.

Perrie dangles her feet in the water. She giggles as she moves her toes. On a whim, she had bought some nail polish and painted them. Scales develop on her toes and she takes them out of the water. She rubs the scales until they disappear. It was time to live under the sea for a few days. She dreaded going back. There was a concert she was going to miss and a couple of sales.

Leigh-Anne cleans up the dishes and vacuums the floor. It was going to be just her for about a week. She was fully human. However, if she needed, she could return back to the surface for a few hours. She groans as she bend over. Aches and pains were still new for her. She finds an aspirin the cabinet and swallows it. In her closet, she finds her bikini and puts it on. She was going to the ocean and see Jesy.

Jesy hugs Leigh-Anne and says she’s surprised to see her. She says she got the okay to go to the surface. Leigh-Anne they have to throw her a party on her first day. Perrie asks when she’ll be able to join them. Jesy says she doesn’t know. But she says she can’t wait to walk and eat pizza. Jade says they have to go the bar and eat cake. Jesy says she’s going to be so clumsy. Jade tells her she’ll get used to her legs quickly and will be dancing in days. Leigh-Anne says goodbye to everyone and swims back to the surface. There was a party to plan.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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