Video Review: Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Left Eye & Angie Martinez “Not Tonight (Remix)”

Lil’ Kim, Left Eye and Da Brat walk in a tent in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lil’ Kim steers the boat while Angie Martinez lies back. Left Eye sits by them. Elliott and Da Brat talk in the back. They ride jet skis and scuba dive in the ocean. In a clip from the 1997 film, Nothing to Lose, Terrance Davidson (Martin Lawrence) covers his eye with his finger.

On the beach, Lil Kim performs on a dancefloor. Mary J. Blige waves money as she dances alongside her. Young women, wearing bikinis, dance on the beach. LaTocha laughs as Tiny, Tameka and Kandi (Xscape) dance. Coco, Leelee and Taj (SWV) give Lil’ Kim their money.  In a clip, Nick (Tim Roth) slaps his hand on the bed as his wife, Ann (Kelly Preston) dances by him. Elliott, Left Eye and Da Brat join her on the dancefloor. Queen Latifah dances by a waterfall. Kima, Keisha and Pam (Total) dance by a table. In a clip, Danielle (Rebecca Gayheart) kisses Nick in an elevator.

Natina, Shamari and Brandi (Blaque) sing along. A shirtless young man massages  Maia Campell’s leg as she lies on the bed. He feeds her grapes. In a clip, Nick and Terrance race through lasers. A tiger walks in a cage as Da Brat raps by it. Two young women sit in the pool, drinks in their hands as they talk. In a clip, Nick drops the money on a table. Terrance puts the money all over his body. Elliott dances by the bar. Charisse and Cassandra (Changing Faces) wave money as they stand by the dancefloor. Lil’ Kim, Martinez, Da Brat and Left Eye continue to ride their jet skis.

Rating: 5/5

Angie Martinez sips her martini and says it’s weird to be on the other side. Lil’ Kim tells her she’s earned her place among them. She helped them with their careers in some way and there are some people who could help her. Mary J. Blige holds up two drinks and almost slips in her heels. Blige pulls her arm and says it’s turn to be on stage and let everyone know she’s here.

Kima, Keisha and Pam sit with Natina, Shamari and Brandi and warn them of certain producers. Kandi says she has some songs she can pass along to them. Left Eye told her she was looking for material for their album. LaTocha and Coco check out the shirtless young men. Coco says she thinks of asking one of them out. LaTocha says they can double date.

Charisse and Cassandra ask Queen Latifah if there is anyone else sitting at the table. Latifah shakes her head “no.” Cassandra says she’s a huge fan and that her music helped her get through some tough times. Latifah tells her “thanks” and asks if they are enjoying the party. Charisse says she’s having so much fun and they’ve met so many people. Cassandra says they haven’t talked to Mary J. Blige yet. They are unsure how to approach her. Latifah calls out to Blige. Blige walks down from the platform and asks her what’s going on. Latifah says Charisse and Cassandra haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her yet. Blige puts her hand on her heart and introduces herself. Charisse and Cassandra smile and fumble their words. Blige tells them not to be intimidated by her. She sits down with them and asks them what they are working on.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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