Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear “My Ex’s Best Friend”

A car slides upside down on the road, sparks emitting from the broken mirror. Machine Gun Kelly sits on top of it, playing his guitar. Sand blows underneath the tires as Machine Gun Kelly speeds on the field. He looks out the window. He sits on top of the upside down car on the road and continues to play the guitar.

As he drives, he sees a young woman sitting in the backseat. She puts on lipstick. blackbear drives his tow truck on the road. While goes about 100 miles per hour, he places his finger on his temple as he drives. Machine Gun Kelly swerves as he drives the wrong way. His car leaps over the tow truck, flips in the air and lands wheels first on the road. blackbear hitches the car to his truck and raps as he stands on the road. Machine Gun Kelly stands on top of his upside down car and plays guitar as blackbear drives the tow truck. He beats his chest.

Rating: 2/5

Machine Gun Kelly surveys the damage to his car. He says he doesn’t want to get the insurance involved. blackbear shrugs and he was driving too fast anyhow. He had no intention of calling the police and filing a report. Machine Gun Kelly lets out a sigh of relief. He gets in the front seat and says his guitar managed to get a scratch on it. However, his phone was in pieces. blackbear says he can give him a ride back home.

Kelly strums his guitar as blackbear drives. blackbear asks him if he’s okay. Kelly says he’s a bit shaken up. However, he feels fine. Playing music is calming him down. blackbear tells him he just came out of nowhere. Kelly says he thought he saw his ex-girlfriend in the backseat. Before he knew it, he was sailing in the air. Kelly admits he had to look really cool, though. blackbear thought he was going to ram right into him. He was lucky to be able to brake right away. Kelly says it’s amazing they didn’t get injured. blackbear drops him off at the car rental and tells him to be safe.

Kelly gets the keys and puts his hand on his forehead. The door multiplies and he bumps into a two-headed person. The clerk calls 911. Kelly says it’s a dizzy spell and it’ll pass. The clerk catches him as he falls to the ground. Kelly wakes up in a hospital bed and calls for a nurse. The nurse smiles at him and says he’s up. Kelly asks him why he’s there. The nurse explains to him that he has a concussion and that he’ll probably have an MRI. Kelly rubs his temple and thinks of the inevitable pile of mounting bills.

Director: Van Alpert Year: 2020


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