Video Review: Debbie Gibson “No More Rhyme”

Through a beige filter, a 14-year-old young woman (Danica McKellar) plays the cello. In the backyard, Debbie Gibson watches her as she stands by the window. A young woman, wearing a wedding dress, laughs as her husband carries her into the house. They sit at the table, eating dinner and reading their sections of the newspaper. Looking over her shoulder, she watches her father leave.

Gibson sits on a covered piano backstage in a venue. Back in the beige filter, the young woman and young woman run on the beach. Lit in azure blue, she plays the piano on stage. With a bright light on her face, she continues to sing against a black background. In black-and-white, several background singers sing into a microphone in the studio while she sits behind the booth. She walks down the stairs of the venue and opens a door. Changing back to azure blue, she watches a young man plays saxophone on stage. Back in beige, she walks away from the window as the 14-year-old young woman plays the cello.

Rating: 2/5

Debbie Gibson grabs her keys and drives to the community theater. There was free rehearsal night for anyone in the program. She may play the piano or sing. Maybe she’ll dance. However, it’ll get her out of the house. It was too depressing to be there. Her mom was always working. Her youngest sister played her cello for hours on end and didn’t talk to anyone.

Gibson sings on stage. One of her friends says it’s the best she’s ever heard her sound. Gibson says she has a lot of going on at home and it felt good to let it out. Her friend asks if she wants to talk. She says that her mom is never around since her parents separated. Her dad pretends she and her sister don’t exist. Her youngest sister stays in her room, all day and plays the cello. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s trying to hold her family together and can’t do it. Her friend puts her arm around as she blows her nose with a tissue.

She returns home and knocks on her sister’s door. She tells her she’s going to cook up some leftovers. Her sister walks out of her bedroom and heats up the spaghetti in the microwave. Gibson says she liked the song she was playing earlier and asked her what it was. Her sister shakes her head and takes out her plate. She watches as her sister closes the door in her room. The phone rings. It’s her mom. Her mom says she’s going to work an extra two hours overtime. Through tears, Gibson tells her to drive home safe. Her mom asks if they ate. Gibson says they did. Her mom tells her that she loves her. Gibson says “I love you, too” and hangs up.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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