Video Review: DJ Khaled & Drake “Popstar”

A cell phone dings. On it, a message reads that it was from DJ Khaled and that it was a missed Facetime call. Drake picks up his phone and heaves a sigh. In the message, DJ Khaled says, “Drake, I’ve been calling you. I’ve been texting. You’re not I’m sending you this video so you can feel my passion.”

In a triple split screen, DJ Khaled holds up a drink and says “to the popstar life!” on the left. In the center, he continues to talk as he walks through his home and swims in his pool. Back on the left, he sits in a chair and explains, “an emoji with smoke coming out of the nose.” In the center, he talks while in his car. On the right, he walks in his home. In the center, he sits in the chair and proposes, “we should go live at about 11 o’clock.” He shows off a framed photo of him with Drake on the right. While in his pool, he explains, “I come out here to mediate and pray in these beautiful ocean waters. In his boat, he says, “I know the border’s closed. I know they won’t let me in the country…” Meanwhile, in the left screen, he shows off a framed photo of him with Barack Obama. Back in the right screen, he continues to say, “what do you want me to do? The song is too big. We have to show a video. We have to figure something out.”

Drake rubs his hand on forehead and says, “Wow.” His friend asks him, “about what?” Drake says that Khaled is “off his rocker.” Khaled has been contacting him “every waking moment” While he vents, he says, “it’s like you give something everything you have and it’s just like, another one, another one, another one. I already gave him a song and now he wants a video. I can’t do a video. I can’t even make my own album in peace. I can’t even leave the country and this guy wants me to do a video for him.” His friend asks him, “what are you going to do?” Drake, looking at his phone, replies, “well, there’s one thing I can do for sure. I’m going to have call in a favor, though.” His friend, says “for real?” Drake says, “I gotta do it” and makes a phone call.

Several young women, wearing dresses, sleep next to overturned plastic cups and rumpled sheets in a bedroom. Justin Bieber rolls over in his bed. He dances in his hallway, holding a bottle a liquor. His security guard stands up and follows behind him as he walks down the staircase. As he passes by the family room, a group of young women in bikinis dance. He gives the bottle to his security and sits with two young women on the couch. His manager, Scott Braun, comes into the room and talks with him. Bieber walks into another room and puts out his arms. As a stylist looks through a rack of clothes, he watches some young women perform a dance routine. He sits in his driveway with his three sports cars and watches them continue the routine.

Against a ruby red background, he sits shirtless on a stool. An assistant presents a platter of lobster to him while another hands him his phone. A stylist puts a black leather jacket on him. He dances with several young women. Wearing a blue robe, he walks by his pool in the evening while young women dance on the patio.

Bieber wakes up in his bed. As he sits up, he says, “oh man. His wife, Hailey Baldwin, asks, “you okay?” He says, “I’m good. I had a crazy dream. Drake asked to be in a video. He wasn’t in the video. It was just a bunch of people.” He lets out a deep breath and turns to her saying, “I love you, baby.” She responds that she loves him as he kisses her cheek. He tells her, “let’s go walk the dog.” They hold hands while they walk the dog on the driveway. Bieber’s phone rings in his pocket. His eyes bulge once he sees the call is from Drake.

Rating: 4/5

Justin Bieber folds the towels on the dining table. His wife, Hailey sorts through the socks and matches them. She holds up two different socks and asks if they seem to be a match. He says that he thinks one on the right is his and the left is hers. She sets the socks aside and gets another sock. He kisses her on the cheek and says he’s going put their denim in the washing machine.

Hailey was just happy being with him. They usually stayed home and hung out. She was okay with him working as little as he wanted. She cared about him being well and looked out for him. He was grateful he met her when he did. Otherwise, he would’ve ruined the relationship by partying, doing multiple substances and cheating on her with multiple women. Hailey knew of those days and didn’t judge him for it. During that time in his life, he had no idea who he was and lived life one moment from the next. He didn’t remember much of those days. However, a quick internet search usually pops up something he’d rather forget.

He returns back to the kitchen. She says she found the sock’s match. Their dog paws at his ankles. He picks up their dog and pets it as she finishes folding. She rubs their dog’s head and says she should probably feed him. He puts the dog down and says he’ll get the dog his medicine. She opens the cabinet door and get out the dog’s dish. He gets the dish from her and puts in the medicine. She scoops the food into the dish. He tells her to let him know when the dog needs to go outside. Leaning against the counter, she says it’ll be in about 5 minutes. He rubs her shoulder and sits on the couch.

Director: Julien Christian Lutz Year: 2020

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