Video Review: Blackpink & Selena Gomez “Ice Cream”

Wearing a Shoshanna bikini, Selena Gomez drives an ice cream truck. Lisa bounces a ball on a rocket. Jisoo winks as she puts her head through a swirling an ice cream cut-out. Rose and Jisoo play on the slide. Gomez flips her hair as she parks the truck. She answers the phone as she stands by the window. Rose, Jennie. Lisa and Jisoo also talk on the phone in the ice cream parlor.

Jennie lounges in her backyard on a star platform. A glittering heart balloon sits underneath her window. Lisa leans against the counter and squeezes her ice cream cone. They ride their bicycles on a hot pink island within a neighborhood. They perform a dance routine on the roundabout. Gomez, wearing Puma romper and visor, eats some ice cream as she walks by the Selpink truck. They dance behind against a bubblegum pink background with matching balloons filling the room.

Wearing a For Love and Lemons crop top and WeWoreWhat navy blue polka dotted shorts,  Gomez dances by a graffitied “Ice Cream” wall. Rose sits with her dog in her backyard. Jisoo bounces a heart-shaped cherry in her driveway and drops it on the ground. She carries a giant cherry as she walks out of the garage. They dance by a tennis court. Wearing an off-the-shoulder Le Rumi romper, Gomez dances in the driver’s seat of her car and sits on the hood. They hold ice cream cones by a counter in an ice cream shop.

Multi-colored lights flash as Lisa raps in ice-cream cone shaped hallway. She drives a toy car in the hallway. They hold up cat masks within cones as they sit on the couch. Rose holds an oversized ice cream cone over her head as she dances against a bubblegum pink background. They laugh as they slide down an inflatable ice cream cone. Rose winks at the camera.

Rating: 5/5

Jennie orders a salted caramel waffle cone. Lisa chooses the goat cheese beet swirl. Jisoo asks her how she can eat it. Lisa shrugs and takes the ice cream from her. She says it’s good and asks her if she wants to try. Jisoo shakes her head and orders black cherry ice cream. Rose orders blue moon ice cream in a cup. She licks her spoon as she takes a bite.

They sit on the bench, eating their ice cream, while watching the people in line. Jennie finishes her cone and says she’s going to play pinball. A young man walks up to her as she plays. She runs her tongue over her lips as the game buzzes. He says she’s a great player. Smiling, she says she practices at home. Her father loved pinball and put a machine in their game room. He says he can beat her score. She folds her arms and grins, telling him, “okay.”

Lisa crosses her leg and taps Jisoo on the shoulder. She says there’s a cool pair of sunglasses hanging on the stand. Jisoo says she’s going to get them into trouble. Lisa glances back and forth. She whispers for Jisoo to cover for her. Rose says she wasn’t here as as she walks to the t-shirts. Each were splashed with the ice cream parlor’s logo. She puts on her chest and thinks she could wear it in an ironic way. It was tacky and trying too hard to be  in style. She hands over her credit card to the cashier.

Lisa runs over to her and says they have to go now. Jisoo throws away her napkin as she walks out of the parlor. Jennie excuses herself and notices Lisa leaving. She says they can exchange phone numbers. Rose thanks the cashier and puts her hand over her mouth as she walks to the car. Lisa calls her for her to hurry up. Jennie runs into the car and says she got the guy’s phone number. Lisa hands out the sunglasses and peels off.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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