Video Review: Madcon “Beggin'”

Yoself Holde-Mariam and Tshawe Baqwa play Halo 3 on their Xbox. Holde-Mariam yawns and falls asleep in the chair. Baqwa closes his eyes. Against a black background, a ninja throws a numchuk while a burst of white smoke swells behind him. They dance as a circle of speakers throb against a yellow and orange swirled background. Prison bars lock them into the family room.

Wearing tan jumpsuits, they look at the cracked cement wall of their tiny cell. Holde-Mariam touches his afro. Two female guards stand by their cell. They rub their shoulders and handcuff the guards to the cell. As they escape, a white silhouette flies against a background while one of the guards tries to shake the handcuff loose. A black silhouette flies by the speakers as they dance.

They hug a young woman. Baqwa hits the back  of the pick-up truck. The young woman dances in her seat as she drives. She continues to dance against a rust orange background with several young men. A twentysomething man sneers at them while he takes off his wig. They jump out of the truck. Against a midnight blue sky, they run the twentysomething and the two female guards. A ninja throws numchucks at them. A fortysomething man, wearing a karate uniform, kicks him. Baqwa kisses a young woman outside a motel. Several young women walk with Holde-Mariam.

In a boxing ring, two young women hit Baqwa in the face. He kisses a second young woman in bed. Holde-Mariam carries a bowl of milk. A third young women licks it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Yoself Holde-Mariam groans as he tilts his head back in the air. His character had died again. Tshawe Baqwa  continues to play and moves onto the next level. Holde-Mariam puts the controller down and says he’s going to watch a movie.

In his bedroom, he slips a 70s blaxploitation film in his DVD player. He couldn’t take losing anymore on Halo 3.  Baqwa cheers in the family room as he beats another level. Holde-Mariam lies on the bed and puts his head on his pillow. The ending song plays while he snores.

Baqwa’s thumbs hit the controller. He rubs his arms. After playing for about two hours, his arms were sore. He stands up and stretches. Looking outside, he notices the puddles on the pavement in the backyard. He didn’t even know it had rained. The lights flash and the electricity goes out. Baqwa tiptoes to the cabinet and searches for a flashlight. Holde-Mariam opens his eyes while he listens to the clanging in his family room. He stands up and balances himself in the dark. Holde-Mariam calls out that it’s just him. Baqwa tells him the flashlight is on the second shelf. Holde-Mariam feels for it and turns it on. Baqwa tells him he had the craziest dream. Holde-Mariam says he’s almost halfway through Halo 3. Baqwa gives him a high-five.

Director: Christian Holm-Glad Year: 2007

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