Video Review: Chris Janson “Done”

In black-and-white, Chris Janson stands on the beach with his wife.He kisses her on the forehead. He taps his bare foot against the porch railing as he plays the guitar. Shirtless, he lies in bed and watches her as she films on their video camera. She starts a pillow fight. He throws her back on the bed and she laughs.

They dance in the kitchen. She sits on the counter as he makes breakfast on the stove. He puts food on her plate. She runs her hand on his bare chest as lie in bed together. He watches the waves as they roll in the ocean. His wife dances in the family as he films her. She leaps into his arms as he stands on the beach. He hands her a glass of wine while she watches the ocean from the porch. They kiss and continue to dance.

She blows him a kiss as she runs on the beach. He holds her and kisses her hair. Their kids run to them. They pick them up and hug them.

Rating: 2/5

Chris Janson tells his wife he’s really going to miss her. He always does. She sits up in bed and tells him she and the kids will be there for the first couple of weeks. They like hearing him sing. He says it’s just gets so crazy. However, it helps to have them there. She says she knows what he means. But it’s part of his job and they’ll get through it.

He asks her for a dance in the family room. She says she would love to. As they dance in the family room, he sings the words to their song and she rests her head on his chest. She says she’s going to check in with the kids. He pulls her back towards him and tells they are fine.

She admires their kid’s sandcastle. Janson digs a section for them. His oldest child sculpts it and tells him he doesn’t need to dig anymore. He puts the shovel down and takes a picture of it. She says they are going to win the contest. His youngest frowns and says he’s won’t be there. He tells their kids that Mom is going to film and take pictures for him. His youngest child wraps his arms around him and says he doesn’t want him to leave. He tells him they’ll see each other and he’ll have time off. Snapping his fingers, he says the 6 months is going to go by quickly. His youngest child smiles and says he loves him. He tells his youngest son that he loves him, too.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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