Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Pound The Alarm”

A thirtysomething man plays the steel drum on the sidewalk in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. A twentysomething man peels a fruit on another section of the sidewalk. Two 10-year-old boys jump off a boat. An 8-year-old boy kicks a soccer ball in the field.

Nicki Minaj, wearing a low-cut bra top and black hot pants, looks at the mountains of Queen’s Park Savannah. In a red wine feathered and sequined costume, she dances through the street. Several young women, wearing their costumers, dance alongside her. A fortysomething woman dances as she watches them from the balcony of her home. Magenta powder swells while Minaj and the young women dance on the side of the street.

A band performs on stage. They toss confetti into the crowd. Minaj raps on stage. The Moko Jumbie walks on stilts. Two young men, painted and dressed in blue, breathe fire. Golden fireworks go off as people continue to dance. Minaj sits on a speaker and waves a flag. She puts it over her face. In her high heels, she walks past fragments of costumes and confetti. Hand on her hip, she looks up at the moon.

Rating: 5/5

Nicki Minaj lies on the massage table with one of her friends, also a member of Bliss band. Minaj comments it feels so good after dancing. Her friend says they are going to get more drinks after it. Minaj says her legs are going to be sore for the parade tomorrow. However, she doesn’t care. She looks forward to it ever year.

Minaj curses as a string of beads fall off her costume. She says she has to find someone to fix it. Her friend there’s a station nearby. She and her friend clink their cups as a young woman glues on some beads on her bikini. Her friend eats some chips and says she’s so hungry. Minaj says they’ll be able to get something on the boat fete.

Her friend holds onto her as they watch the waves. She says she’s having a such a good time. Minaj pats her arm and says she’s glad she came with her. Her friend promises to pay her back. Minaj tells her it’s once-in-a-lifetime and to enjoy herself. Her friend says she wants to get some rest before the parade and recover a bit. It’s the most she drank in awhile. Minaj says it’ll be another hour and they’ll go back to the hotel.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2012



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