Video Review: Alexandra Stan “Lemonade”

Alexandra Stan carries her puppy into the kitchen and places him on the floor. She drops ice into the jug. Her dog looks up at her while she holds a bowl of lemons. She leans against the counter and runs her hand along her body. Leaning forward, she cuts into a lemon and puts it in the juicer. She pours the juice into the jug and calls a friend on the phone.

A young woman rides a bicycle in the street in downtown Buftea, Romania. Wearing a fruit patterned dress, she walks in the street. Three 8-year-old kids play with a toy truck. A second young woman and a young man dance by a convertible. Stan smiles as the young man dances with her as she sits on the hood of the car.

Two police men get out of their car and walk through the area. Wearing a yellow bra top and plum leggings, she sits by cardboard box of lemons on the sidewalk. People toss lemons as they walk past the fruit market. As she walks in fruit patterned dress, it flashes from color to black-and-white.

In black-and-white, she watches a second young man breakdance in the street. She dances against a shoe patterned wall. She claps as the second young man flips and dances with some people by her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Alexandra Stan pours a glass of lemonade and fans herself. She walks in the hallway and checks the temperature in her home. It was at 75 degrees and it was only 10 a.m. She lowers it to 72 degrees and shuts the blinds. Her dog whimpers and barks at her to go outside. As she walks with him to the screen door, she tells him it’s not going to be long. She finds some shade underneath a tree and waits for him as he sniffs the grass.

She tells her dog it’s time to come inside. His tail wagging, he walks to her and she closes the screen door behind them. She kisses him on the head and says she has to go grocery shopping. At the fruit market, she picks out some apples. Her neighbor asks her if she’s going to the street party. She says she probably will. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees.

During the street party, she dances with a young man. The young man tells her she’s beautiful. She says he’s really sweet and appreciated the dance. Two police officers patrol the area and nod to her. She waves back and heads to a cooling area. A mist of water brushes past her face. A young woman offers her a plastic up of water. She drinks it and waits for her friend at the restaurant. Her friend asks if it’s been busy. She says a few people have already walked inside. Her friend says a young man has been asking about her. He mentioned that she was dancing with him. Stan says he was nice but not her type. Her friend walks inside her and says she should give him a chance.

Director:  Iulian Moga Year: 2012

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